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Fastest Way to Get to the Grand Palace in Bangkok is via the

In November last year (2015), my parents and I went to Bangkok for a little holiday. We stayed in the Sathorn area (also spelled as Sathon) which is t ...
31-01-2016 03:33


Timisoara, the city on top 10 the best ones to visit in Romania represents the \'\'gate to Europe\'\'. With a tumultuous history, from being part of H ...
31-01-2016 03:37

Grand Palace in Bangkok: Dress Code, Chinese Tourists and Bu

I admit, it does exasperate me when people remain or just felt like to be naďve when it comes to dress codes and visiting temples, official palaces, c ...
31-01-2016 03:33

Klee/Aguéli at Moderna

Last week I was invited to the press showing for Moderna Museet\'s (Stockholm\'s modern art museum) new exhibition Klee/Aguéli. The exhibition looks a ...
31-01-2016 03:33

Photo Essay of the Grand Palace (Outer Courtyard) in Bangkok

After having said my piece here: Grand Palace Bangkok ? Dress Code, Chinese Tourists and Buddha is not for Tattoo and Furniture, I can now post the pi ...
31-01-2016 03:33

Seven Quirky Travel Accessories For Your Future Home

The following branded content post is brought to you by Airportag. As a new brand ambassador for this company, I’m excited to introduce these ne ...
30-01-2016 03:34

Who Anna Coddington listens to

We asked our latest STA Travel Sounds artist Anna Coddington which local New Zealand artists she thinks are awesome – here are her top 3: 1. LIPS L ...
30-01-2016 03:34

Singapore: Mustafa Centre and Little India at Night

The Mustafa Centre is M-A-S-S-I-V-E and it is open 24 hours! Totally beats the 7-11 stores.It?s not your typical chic and flashy malls in Orchard. The ...
30-01-2016 03:33

One Final Offload and We're On Our Way!

At Llano Grande Lake Park Resort, Mercedes, Texas...We sheepishly disgorged Phannie and Mae onto our hapless kids in Houston, and yes, they\'re still ...
30-01-2016 03:32

Four outdoor pools in Iceland worth visiting

Iceland is not only known for its outstanding volcanic landscape and geothermal energy but also for its 100+ public swimming pools, most of them heate ...
30-01-2016 03:33

This is what Istanbul sounds like five times each day

Five times a day, amplified a cappella rises from thousands of mosques’ minarets across Istanbul, Turkey. It is the Islamic call to prayer, and it l ...
30-01-2016 03:33

Hummm... What to Say.

Today, Linda loaded onto a bus with six other ladies and they made their way to Manzanillo to do some shopping. I would have joined them if the group ...
30-01-2016 03:32

14 Epic Adventures Around the World Chosen by ThePlanetD

My husband Dave and I love finding great adventures around the world when we travel. As a matter a fact, our motto is: ?Adventure is for everyone.? Wh ...
29-01-2016 03:35

17 Pictures of cats in ancient ruins

I recently visited Ephesus, Turkey, which is an entire city of ancient Roman ruins. And cats. Many of the cats have bright gold eyes, like this guy w ...
29-01-2016 03:34

Join our travel tech #LPChat!

Do you like to stay connected while travelling" Or are you in favour of leaving it all behind" Whether it?s a GPS gadget that comes in handy when ven ...
29-01-2016 03:39

The Creative Accelerator – 72 Hours of Creative Inspir

I’m gonna be straight with you, dear readers: I get A LOT of emails every day. Like, dozens. Some days easily 60 or more. And a good percentage of t ...
29-01-2016 03:39

Visiting Isaan: Adventures Through Rural Thailand

Thailand?s Isaan region is one of the most under-visited parts of the country. The area is its most rural, and travelers simply pass through it on th ...
29-01-2016 03:38

Make This The Year You Start Your Own Business

Looking back over the past decade, I’m shocked at how much the business world has changed. Just a few years ago, there was only one socially acc ...
29-01-2016 03:35

STA Travel Sounds: Anna Coddington

After a brief hiatus following her critically acclaimed sophomore album ?Cat & Bird?, Anna Coddington returned to push in a new direction with a strin ...
29-01-2016 03:35

Traditional Indian Food in Little India, Singapore - Roti Pr

Hey, have you tried Roti Prata" What about pulled milk tea"In Singapore you can experience a little bit of India. Indians make a third of the local po ...
29-01-2016 03:34

Mystical Myanmar (2014): Accommodations

Here is the compilation of all the accommodations my friends and I stayed throughout our trip in Myanmar including Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon.Thiri M ...
29-01-2016 03:33

Family travel snap: Lonely Planet travel writer Abigail Blas

This month we?re talking to one of our long-standing writers, Abigail Blasi, who covers an eclectic mix of Italy, India, Malta and the UK for Lonely P ...
29-01-2016 03:39

Lady’s Guide to Gorilla Trekking & beyond in Rwan

When most people travel to Rwanda, they go for one thing: gorillas. Rwanda is one of the only places in the world where these primates can be seen in ...
29-01-2016 03:35

The Semla!

The semla in all her glory!It is that time of the year when the windows and shelves of cafés and bakeries all through Sweden are filled with a very Sc ...
28-01-2016 03:33

The Story Of My Wedlock

Oh yes, I?m hitched! So now you know what has kept me away from blogging in the last few months. Although I missed sharing my adventures of the road, ...
28-01-2016 03:33

All parrilla, no filler: the 7 best steaks in Buenos Aires

Think you?ve experienced the pinnacle of what happens when you take a cow and apply heat" Think again. The post All parrilla, no filler: the 7 best ...
28-01-2016 03:34

State of the Savage: January 2016

Last month marked six years of Traveling Savage. Six years! I wrote my first post here on December 13, 2009, almost a year from the date I intended to ...
28-01-2016 03:34

Introducing the Quarry Trail, the second route to Machu Picc

Heard of the Quarry Trail" That\'s cool - neither have the tourist crowds. The post Introducing the Quarry Trail, the second route to Machu Picchu a ...
28-01-2016 03:34

Cocktail masterclass: how to make Pisco Sours like a pro

So what is a Pisco Sour" And why do people get so obsessed with it" And where the hell do you drink it anyway" Here?s our foolproof guide. The post C ...
28-01-2016 03:34


A sobering trend in business travel is forcing companies to re-evaluate their processes and systems for controlling costs.A recent study by the Global ...
28-01-2016 03:33

Five more Brazilian foods you should try this summer

Last week I wrote about a bunch of foods to try this summer in Brazil, which is hosting the Olympics and has temporarily waived its onerous visa requi ...
28-01-2016 03:33

Our guide to Peru’s tastiest street food

May contain traces of Guinea Pig... The post Our guide to Peru’s tastiest street food appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog. ...
28-01-2016 03:34

In-Flight Essentials to Make Long Flights Suck Less

In a day and age where seats keep getting smaller and service seems to keep getting worse, air travel has ceased to be fun – or even pleasant. And I ...
28-01-2016 03:37


In 2015 ground transportation was one of the most discussed topics in business travel industry circles. For many years technology constraints related ...
27-01-2016 03:34

Here’s a good intro to one of LA’s most storied

Los Angeles is as much a story as it is a city; people come to witness (and seek) fame, wealth, good weather, or the alleged California joie de vivre. ...
27-01-2016 03:34

Cruise "Journalism" - Cruise Critic and Skift Arti

Note:  Immediately after originally posting this article, Dennis Schall, Skift News Editor, chose to engage in an infantile Twitter war with his firs ...
27-01-2016 03:34

The Happy Van to La Manzanilla

Beach time followed by drinks and then a great dinner; that\'s the recipe for another spectacular day in La Manzanilla.Kids in the Happy Van!We loaded ...
27-01-2016 03:33

24-hours in Medellín, Colombia’s capital of cool

What to do, eat and see in one of South America\'s biggest success stories. The post 24-hours in Medellín, Colombia’s capital of cool appeared fir ...
27-01-2016 03:35

Two Cool Events Coming Up This Week...

Two events caught my eye for this week, one happening in Paris on Thursday and one in London over the weekend. Tech bl ...
27-01-2016 03:34

10 Tips for Traveling for a Job Interview

Traveling for a job interview is similar to traveling for business, with one exception?when you travel for a job interview, you?re under the microscop ...
27-01-2016 03:35

Fulltiming: Finding a New Normal

At Northlake RV Resort, Houston, Texas...Our escape from the DFW area didn\'t go as planned--on the same day as closing the house sale--there were jus ...
27-01-2016 03:33

My (Current) Ultimate List of Travel Movies

Way back in 2008, I created a list of ten of the best travel movies ever. It’s a great list. But 2008 was a long time ago. (Have I really been blog ...
27-01-2016 03:38

We catch up with the director of ‘Sherpa’, the s

Visually stunning and deeply political, Sherpa documents the changing consciousness of a people who have long been the backbone of the Everest climbi ...
27-01-2016 03:35

Robert van Koesveld | Geiko and Maiko of Kyoto

(If Video cannot play, please click on this link)I rarely if ever, feature crowdfunding campaigns for photography projects, because I don\'t want to ...
26-01-2016 03:32


China hits you like a Kung-Fu ?Tiger Punch? to the face! Frank was our G adventures tour guide and to be honest, if it wasn?t for him we?d probably st ...
26-01-2016 03:34

Mystical Myanmar (2014) Day 6 & 7: From Inle Lake to Yangon

I think we left our hearts in Inle Lake...and it\'s really hard for us to bid goodbye to this pristine and wonderful watery world. We really wish we c ...
26-01-2016 03:33

Lady’s 48 Hours of Ice Magic in Lake Louise

“We don’t need an event here,” my snowshoeing guide tells me. “The park is the event. Every day.” He’s referring to Banff National Park, w ...
26-01-2016 03:34

Turkey 101: Helpful tips for your arrival in Istanbul

Turkey is as intriguing as anywhere you can visit, and of course Istanbul is one of the world’s great cities. Over the last week, I’ve been explo ...
26-01-2016 03:33


Excited to plan a trip to Bratislava" (We WERE!)Even if Slovakia is not on the bucket list of most of the travelers, it does not mean it is not a grea ...
26-01-2016 03:37

13 Adventures to Add to Your U.S. Bucket List

When it comes to an adventure bucket list, there are probably a few things that are already on it. Things like bungee jumping in New Zealand or skiing ...
26-01-2016 03:37

10 things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland

The East Fjords are very special. Two of our favourite ?must-see? things are looking at puffins close-up and seeing reindeer; the east is the only pla ...
26-01-2016 03:33

The Ultimate Girls? Getaway to Koh Lanta, Thailand

“What’s your favorite place"” I asked get that question at least once a day and often several times. It’s not an easy que ...
26-01-2016 03:34


When planning a trip to Rome, you probably open your browser on Google and look for ways to get to Rome city center. (Also read about 8 Things to be C ...
25-01-2016 03:37

Biking Your Ash Off" Conquering Volcán Osorno

Yesterday, I left the ferry port of Hornopirén in the morning but, instead of continuing toward Puerto Montt ? the formal starting point of the Carret ...
25-01-2016 03:33

My Crazy (French) Charcuterie Addiction

People who know me will swear that I have a crazy cured meat (in French: charcuterie) addiction. When I left a job in early 2008, my ex-colleagues gif ...
25-01-2016 03:33

David Bowie is... Sold Out in Groningen

In December (2015), Dutchman and I went to Groningen to see the ?David Bowie is? exhibition. When we arrived at the Groninger Museum we saw the bad ne ...
25-01-2016 03:33

Birria with Barry

Sunday morning and we hit the road to Cihuatlán to find what Barry Vincent says is the best Birria restaurant on the coast. Birria is a spicy stew ...
25-01-2016 03:32

Brigadeiro recipe: satisfy your South American sweet tooth

Condensed milk heated with coco powder, rolled with butter and chocolate sprinkles...can you feel your arteries clanging shut right now" The post Bri ...
25-01-2016 03:34

Exhausted But Free!

At Treetop RV Resort, Arlington, Texas...It would be difficult to describe adequately the exhausting chaos of the last few days leading up to the real ...
24-01-2016 03:32

The Best (and Maybe Only") Time to Visit Basel, Switzer

So here’s a fun (and perhaps slightly unbelievable) fact about me and my travels: even though I’ve spent more than 7 months collectively traveling ...
24-01-2016 03:38

Jan Mřller Hansen | The Raute of Nepal

Photo © Jan Mřller Hansen-All Rights Reserved The Raute are the last hunter-gatherers of Nepal and are only a handful of societies that still do so a ...
24-01-2016 03:31

Here it is, Friday again

Seems like I?ve become a once or twice a week blogger since I?ve arrived at my winter home base.  It?s been a transition time for me after nine and a ...
24-01-2016 03:32

Robert Redford is all about ?Real Life Experiences?, just li

Robert Redford ? venerable actor, horse whisperer, Wild West outlaw and wise, wise sage ? was asked to give advice to aspiring filmmakers. His answer ...
23-01-2016 03:36

Quit Fucking Around and Build Yourself a Fuck-Off Fund

One of the most popular posts on this site" How I Saved $13,000 For Travel In Just Seven Months. I stand by that post. It may have been from a di ...
23-01-2016 03:36

Les Carroz (French Alps): Chilling Out on the Slopes at the

One of the things I love to do during our wintersport holiday is chilling out on the slopes.Of course at a nice outdoor terrace with the perfect view ...
23-01-2016 03:34

What happened to that delicious food the US customs agent to

I’ve often wondered what happens to all the food that gets confiscated by customs and immigrations officials when re-entering the United States. Mor ...
23-01-2016 03:33

Paul Levrier | Red Hmong | Visions of Asia

Photo ©Â Paul Levrier -All Rights ReservedThis blog post features one of the most enjoyable compilations of South East Asian photographs, and a "gift" ...
23-01-2016 03:30

Chalets of Le Hameau de Flaine (French Alps)

These chalets are for rent whilst a few of them are for sale (going at ?450K). They are located at Le Hameau de Flaine, a village that is part of Flai ...
23-01-2016 03:34

4 Reasons Why Business Travel is Still Important

In an era when mobile phones and video conferencing are ubiquitous, some people question the need for business travel at all. Many companies view busi ...
22-01-2016 03:33

NOW OPEN: The Ultimate Travel Blogging Course

In November, I launched the beta version of my new blogging course, The Business of Blogging, and, after a few months of testing, it is now ready for ...
22-01-2016 03:37

Why the world needs to learn salsa, Colombian style

I may well have become the feature of every ?gringo tries to salsa? YouTube video ever published, but I couldn?t care less. This was fun. The post W ...
22-01-2016 03:34

Now It's Really Winter! Lots of Cruises on Sale...With Sign

I am always skeptical of "sales", but there really are legitimate, great value, sales going on with most cruise lines for closer in cruises. If you a ...
22-01-2016 03:33

Sun-screen & coral reefs - protecting kids & the environment

Last year, a scientific study released last year showed that oxybenzone, a common ingredient in sunscreen, can damage coral reefs. To quote a report o ...
22-01-2016 03:32

Lady’s 3 Perfect Winter Days in Banff

I’m having a hard time believing that winter isn’t high season in Banff. It’s in the Rocky Mountains, after all, and winter travel is synonymous ...
22-01-2016 03:34

Facts and Pictures of Flaine Ski Village Resort (part of Le

Bonjour! Flaine alpine village is one of the ski village resorts in the Alps that was built for the purpose of wintersport tourism back in the late 6 ...
22-01-2016 03:33

Six wanderlust-inducing Instagramers every traveler should f

Instagram is what you make of it. For many people, it’s a great way to keep up to date with friends and family. But, if you craft your feed well and ...
22-01-2016 03:32
21-01-2016 03:32

Money: one of the best souvenirs you’ll ever find

Here at Tripping Over the World, we tend for many reasons to acquire souvenirs sparingly. But over the years we’ve inadvertently gathered a collecti ...
21-01-2016 03:32


Like it or not, corporate travellers are increasingly turning to sharing economy sites when they look for somewhere to stay on business. The big quest ...
21-01-2016 03:32

48 Hours in Reykjavik, Iceland

At first glance, Reykjavik doesn’t look all that impressive on paper. It’s a small city – only covering about 100 square miles with a population ...
21-01-2016 03:37

Mystical Myanmar (2014) Day 4 & 5: Impressive Inle Lake

Date Visited: 12th January 2014We left the ancient city of Bagan and travelled to a beautiful highland lake, the Inle Lake via a public bus. We bought ...
21-01-2016 03:32

Just back from? the Caribbean

Sarah taking in the architecture around San Juan © Sarah Reid Sarah Reid, Destination Editor at Lonely Planet, recently returned from her first-ever C ...
21-01-2016 03:37

Trackpacking: All Them Witches

In the 1968 horror film Rosemary\'s Baby, Mia Farrow is destined to give birth to the Antichrist. A coterie of creepy players prepare her to carry the ...
21-01-2016 03:34

Spice island: 5 reasons Zanzibar should be on your Bucket Li

It\'s time to follow the trade winds and make tracks to the spice island of Zanzibar. And yes, that is as exotic as it sounds. The post Spice island ...
20-01-2016 03:35

First Day of Skiing in Flaine (Le Grand Massif Ski Area, Fre

The ski area of Le Grand Massif in the French Alps comprises of 5 alpine ski villages: Flaine, Samoens, Morillon, Les Carroz and Sixt with views to Mo ...
20-01-2016 03:33

2016 Travel: Where to Go & What to See

As hard as it is to believe, a new year is upon us and that means it?s also time to start planning our travels for 2016. Whether it?s for business or ...
20-01-2016 03:35

Living out Dr. King's Dream at a Homeless Shelter

I don\'t know what it was that motivated me to get out of bed before 8am on a federal holiday this morning and change my plans from going to the Dr. M ...
20-01-2016 03:33

Six Brazilian foods you should try that aren’t barbecu

Last week, I wrote that Brazil is waiving its visa requirement for a few months this year, making it suddenly easier to visit the country. So if you†...
20-01-2016 03:33

Christmas Markets with Viking River Cruises: What’s It

We’ve all seen the commercials interspersed in episodes of Downtown Abbey on PBS: those tranquil ads narrated by a soothing British accent, starring ...
19-01-2016 03:37

fathom Impact Travel - A Cruise Impacting You Even More Than

fathom Impact Travel invited me and my sixteen year old daughter to travel to the Dominican Republic last week to test out and critique some of its so ...
19-01-2016 03:33

Mystical Myanmar (2014) Day 3: Temples & Pagodas Hopping In

Previous Post: Day 2 in Bagan - Temples & Pagodas Hopping (Part 1)Date Visited: 11th January 2014Not just one but we spent completely two days solely ...
19-01-2016 03:32

Interesting turn of events

After the Poker Air Gun Shoot on Thursday, I was more interested than ever in purchasing an air rifle so I could enjoy this sport.  Mike had called t ...
19-01-2016 03:32

Portland’s airport is getting a movie theater

Here are the details about the new mini-movie theater: It really is mini ?the movie theater will seat only about 18 people and show a series of shor ...
19-01-2016 03:33

Lady’s 12 Incredible Winter Travel Destinations

It hasn’t felt much like winter in London this year. With record-breaking temperatures in November and daffodils blooming in St James’s Park this ...
19-01-2016 03:34
19-01-2016 03:32

Undoing Argentina's "Reciprocity" Mess

In late 2009, Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner?s administration imposed a tourism ?reciprocity fee? for passport holders from the Un ...
19-01-2016 03:33

Cafe Gourmand and Le Boqueteau by Dubuffet in the Alps

If you ever find yourself in France, you have got to try the Cafe Gourmand. It is coffee (usually espresso) accompanied with a variety of tiny dessert ...
19-01-2016 03:33

Why this Family Took Their Teens on an Epic RTW Adventure

Yesterday in Buenos Aires, I had lunch with a family of digital nomads. They’ve been on the road since 2008 working on software and app development ...
19-01-2016 03:37

Scenes from England?s Lake District

If you’re a longtime reader, you might remember my stint living in Chester, northwest England. Though Chester was a tough place to live as an ou ...
19-01-2016 03:34

Hello Alps!

We have arrived in the Alps!In the French Alps to be precise. We are spending a whole week here at the Le Grand Massif skiing resort area. Our village ...
18-01-2016 03:34

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This new technology is set to obliterate lang...

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Has the election coverage left you discouraged" Have you been... -
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Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

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5 more tips for actually packing light

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Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His St...

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Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road,... -

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