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Kayaking in Greenland – The Greatest Arctic Adventure

If you are going to kayak anywhere in the world, I would put kayaking in Greenland at the top of your list. Kayaking holds a strong tradition in Green ...
31-03-2016 03:38

State of the Savage: March 2016

The new year has come, winter is fading, and another trip to Scotland looms in just a couple of months. I seem to always plan trips for April/May/June ...
31-03-2016 03:34

Why you shouldn’t book your hotel in advance

Years ago when I traveled, one of the first things I did was book my hotels. It just seemed natural; without a reservation, after all, where would I s ...
31-03-2016 03:33

Novi Sad's Special Clock Tower | Serbia Travel

This is the only picture of the Clock Tower in Novi Sad\'s Petrovaradin Fortress that I have on a good blue skies day.I have other shots of the clock ...
31-03-2016 03:33

Grand Velas Riviera Maya Review: Family Luxury in Mexico

When it comes to choosing a destination for a multi-generational trip, finding a resort that has something for everyone can be the biggest challenge. ...
31-03-2016 03:38

Photos: an Aussie roadtrip from Coral Bay to Cape Range

It?s a remote part of the country that retains that feeling of being completely undiscovered. This is our journey from Coral Bay to Cape Range on Aus ...
31-03-2016 03:34

Thinking About a Caribbean Vacation" Think Puerto Rico

When you think about a vacation in the Caribbean, which destinations immediately come to mind" Maybe the Bahamas or Jamaica or the Virgin Islands" May ...
30-03-2016 03:38

Decided to travel ! But what to do in Dubai"

It was a perfect experience for me to enjoy a glittering holiday vacation with my wife in a dazzling Dubai. We were picked up by a tour guide from o ...
30-03-2016 03:38

Get Excited: We?re Making the TripIt You Know and Love Even

Here at TripIt we?re always looking for ways to make your travel easier, whether you?re going on a business trip or taking the family on a weekend get ...
30-03-2016 03:34

March Fishing on the Joe

Tom at the take out.Tom, Mark and I, loaded up the drifter and drove down to the St. Joe River for a day of fly fishing.  The drive down brought rain ...
30-03-2016 03:33

Ta-Tung | Rooe | Storehouse

Photo © Rooe | Courtesy StorehouseI\'m always intrigued by out of the mainstream religious traditions and rites, and was often able to photograph and ...
30-03-2016 03:32

Brazil and the Acai Bowl

                                                     Acai Berry TreeWe have the Brazilians to than ...
30-03-2016 03:33

Don’t leave Turkey without trying pistachio butter

One night in Turkey earlier this year we stopped by a cafe for salep, but ended up with a surprise; when the waiter brought out the cups, they were ga ...
30-03-2016 03:33

Traveling Alone" How to Find a Local Guide

Why to choose local guide for the solo traveler"As a solo traveler, it is recommended to have a local guide to take you around. I\'m actually a fan of ...
30-03-2016 03:38

Lady’s 7 Enchanting Islands to Discover in the UK

Spring is here, and although the weather isn’t exactly balmy I’m still excited about getting outdoors. Some of my favorite places to travel in Bri ...
30-03-2016 03:35

Just back from… Norway

Bella lapping up her winter wonderland surroundings © Bella Falk Bella Falk, freelance TV Producer and Director, recently returned from a Lonely Plane ...
30-03-2016 03:38

Here’s how to always know where your gas cap is on ren

If you travel much, you’ll probably end up in a few rental cars sooner or later. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll also probably forget to ...
29-03-2016 03:34

Planning A Solo Travel" Must Read Travel Tips

Being alone on the road gives you a great opportunity to acquire valuable experience about various places, people, food and country?s customs and trad ...
29-03-2016 03:40

Taejongdae Recreation Area of Busan, South Korea

Date Visited: 21 March 2014There are plenty of things to do and see in Busan but because we only spent 3 days and 2 nights, it\'s impossible to cover ...
29-03-2016 03:34

Exploring New England’s Historic Lighthouses by Sea

What is it about lighthouses that is so appealing" It is hard to pass one by without taking a photo. I know as a girl I dreamed about what it would be ...
29-03-2016 03:39

Stories from Rwanda: what it’s really like to visit mo

I am in Volcanoes National Park in the North West corner of Rwanda, and I?m crouching one metre away from an angry female gorilla... The post Stories ...
29-03-2016 03:36

Packing Tips for Travel to Europe That Will Make Your Life E

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means" It\'s time to travel to Europe. Summer is the most wonderful time of the year to view a ...
29-03-2016 03:40

The Way of Wanderlust with Don George

One of my all-time favorite travel writers is Don George. He?s not a big name like Bryson or Pico Iyer, but his influence in travel writing is everyw ...
29-03-2016 03:39

The Trulli Of Alberobello, Italy In 15 Photos

I had seen its many pictures on a couple of travel blogs, and then I knew it was the UNESCO recognised world heritage site. Also, I had seen its glimp ...
29-03-2016 03:35

Five Years Since the Shipwreck That Changed My Life

Every March 28, I’m reminded of the night when the boat went down. Falling asleep on a bench and woke up with a jerk at 2:00 AM, scrambling on t ...
29-03-2016 03:36

Belgrade, Serbia: Terazije View

The view from my hotel on Terazije...Taken from the balcony of my room on my first day in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. Terazije is one of the main ...
29-03-2016 03:35

Travel for cheap: where to spend your British pounds this su

Let?s face it, the British weather isn?t going to surprise us this year. Luckily there are some awesome places where the Queen?s finest will go a lon ...
29-03-2016 03:36

Last week was a busy one

Want to get yourself worn out"  Well, just have two grandgirls (8 and 6) visit for six days and that will do it! Tuesday found us on a very long d ...
29-03-2016 03:34

Best Stockholm Restaurants in the White Guide 2016

While the Michelin Guide is very popular with travellers visiting a foreign city and searching for the best restaurants, the White Guide is another go ...
28-03-2016 03:34

Stuff You Should Know About: March 2016

Welcome to ?Stuff You Should Know About? ? a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don?t really fit in anywher ...
28-03-2016 03:39

19 Photos that will make you want to Discover Banff Canada R

There is something that draws me to icy landscapes. When the countryside is covered with blankets of snow, it amplifies the beauty of a scene by creat ...
28-03-2016 03:39

Holiday or Not" US Presidents in Argentina

When Air Force One landed outside Buenos Aires on Wednesday, Barack Obama became the sixth US president to visit Argentina ? technically speaking, tha ...
28-03-2016 03:35

Hello from Novi Sad! | Serbia Travel

??????! So that is supposed to mean hello in Serbian language which is in Cyrillic alphabet. If we convert that to the Roman alphabet it would be this ...
27-03-2016 03:32


Here?s our Top 8 travel pictures from Instagram this week. Don’t forget to tag #starttheadventure to be in with the chance to get featured next week ...
26-03-2016 03:34

Top places to visit in Wales That Will Make You Want to Pack

Get your adventure on, we\'re rounding up the top places to visit in Wales that will make you want to pack your bags right now. Wales is often overloo ...
26-03-2016 03:38

Here’s where you can find elves in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most jaw-dropping places in the world, but in addition to incredible scenery and endless summer sun it’s also famous for a cur ...
26-03-2016 03:33

Biggest Flea Market in the Netherlands: IJ-Hallen in Amsterd

They say here in the Netherlands that the IJ-Hallen is the biggest flea market in Europe. I\'m not sure really. I have been to many larger-than-life m ...
26-03-2016 03:33

Japan - Osaka

Japan : Kyoto - May 2015Continue from NaraThis was our last stop of the day - Osaka and we were here to see the Glico running man sign and eat their  ...
26-03-2016 03:33

Iceland: The country of ice cream

Iceland is not only known for its glaciers (Snćfellsjökull, Vatnajökull), but also for its ice cream. In any season or weather situation, the locals c ...
26-03-2016 03:33

Stockholm City Bike 2016

We have a bike stand just outside the Rival Hotel!One of the surest signs of Spring comes on April 1st: the start of the Stockholm City Bike season (A ...
26-03-2016 03:32

Lady’s Lovely Guide to King’s Cross

Sometimes I’m amazed at how long I’ve been living in London. What often feels like a few months has actually been eight years, and the city has ch ...
25-03-2016 03:33

Family travel snap: LP?s Product Director of guidebooks 

Based in Lonely Planet?s Melbourne office, Darren considers himself lucky enough to have explored the world with his six children (ranging from 16 yea ...
25-03-2016 03:36

Eureka Springs and Shopping to Help Heal a Wound

At the Eureka Springs KOA, Eureka Springs, Arkansas...You may think it odd that I would title this post as I did, as most guys would think of a shoppi ...
25-03-2016 03:31

Need a fix" We're posting hiking photos every day.

Would you like to see where we go" Reminisce about old trips" Relive fond memories" Be sure to visit our like this one of RW head guide Ken Fuhrer hoi ...
25-03-2016 03:32

How to find roundtrip tickets to Paris from the US for less

We love Paris, so I was excited when Norwegian Air announced new direct flights from Paris to the US for only $175 each way. It’s been more than a m ...
25-03-2016 03:32

Sled Dogs, Lavvos, and Northern Lights: Glamping at the Holm

The sled was swishing across the moonlit snow, taking smooth turns between spindly trees as the team of five huskies in front of me trotted on silentl ...
25-03-2016 03:36

10 Ways to Save Money in Argentina

Argentina is a notoriously expensive country. Years of economic mismanagement and economic depression has led to rampant inflation, a black market fo ...
25-03-2016 03:36

Is It Too Late to Make It as a Travel Blogger Now"

There’s a question that I’ve been asked more and more often lately: “There are so many travel blogs out there today. If I start, I&# ...
24-03-2016 03:35

The Russian Ministry of Culture is trying tourism propaganda

It\'s not often you watch something that you know is sponsored by a questionable regime, and come out with a big smile on your face. The post The Rus ...
24-03-2016 03:35
24-03-2016 03:33

Our Top Pick: New Zealand Active North Island

Get up close and personal with the spectacular scenery of the North Island of New Zealand.  Visit thermal waters, hike one of the world’s most famou ...
24-03-2016 03:35

Best of Scotland: Five Destinations for Breath-taking Views

There are so many reasons to love Scotland. The wonderful pubs, castles, history, nature, whisky -- not to mention the incredibly welcoming people! Bu ...
24-03-2016 03:35

Macedonian wine guide: we chat with the country’s lead

When you say \'internationally renowned wine\', places like Tuscany, Provence and Mendoza usually leap to mind. Macedonia not so much... The post Mac ...
24-03-2016 03:35

Fraser island tour, You’ll Love Unique this 4WD Advent

Imagine driving 75 miles along one of the world\'s longest beaches on the world\'s largest sand island. Our self-drive Fraser Island tour took us from ...
24-03-2016 03:38

What to do in Northern Thailand

Warmer that Norway and greener than Greenland; as ?norths? go, the north of Southeast Asian travel rite of passage. Choose first class and a private a ...
24-03-2016 03:35

Top 5 Peru Pictures from Instagram

Peru is a fascinating country with Inca heritage and European influences! It’s got it all. Here’s our Top 5 pictures of Peru from Instagram to ins ...
23-03-2016 03:36

A Backpackers Guide to Central America and the Caribbean

The Caribbean is synonymous with luxurious holidays. Immaculate beaches, coconut palms, warm, turquoise water and some of the friendliest, happy go lu ...
23-03-2016 03:36

Ayubowan Sri Lanka (2016)

Once a year, go somewhere you\'ve never been before. And so I did. I just came back from Sri Lanka, my third South Asia country, after Nepal and Bhuta ...
23-03-2016 03:34

Our Top Pick: Inca Trail Discovery

If trekking the mighty ...
23-03-2016 03:36

6 Chic Italians who make bicycling look fabulous

A while back when I was in Italy I began to notice something curious: the photos I was taking of buildings, streets, and monuments kept having bicycli ...
23-03-2016 03:34

Onward to the Coast!

We drove over to Westport to visit our friends Don and Caroline for a few days.  The drive was uneventful and we made very good time, leaving Post ...
23-03-2016 03:34

Debunked: 6 totally untrue myths about family travel

At it?s best, family travel is probably the most rewarding thing you can do together. Nothing makes memories better. The post Debunked: 6 totally un ...
23-03-2016 03:36

Meteora Magic in Photos: Sacred Monasteries on Monoliths

A visit to the monasteries of Meteora, Greece will take your breath away. The landscape has been carved by wind and rain over thousands of years to cr ...
22-03-2016 03:39

Everyone should get lost while traveling

ran a fascinating story about people in the Marshall Islands who navigated the ocean without instruments. It’s a long but worthwhile read, the gist ...
22-03-2016 03:34

How Blogging Has Changed the Way I Travel

When I first started drafting this post, the original title was “Has Blogging Ruined Travel For Me"” I eventually decided against that, though, si ...
22-03-2016 03:38

UPDATES: How to Work Overseas and Fly for Free

Hey, everyone! Over the last few months, I?ve been stealthily updating my two main guides, How to Teach English Overseas and The Ultimate Guide to Tr ...
22-03-2016 03:38

What's New and Exciting at Seabourn" Thomas Keller, Mi

Seabourn continues to work to makes it\'s product better and, in typical Seabourn fashion, it has been doing this rather quietly and without hype.  A ...
22-03-2016 03:34

Carter Mountain Orchard: Best Sunset in Charlottesville

After a long, hot and humid day exploring Monticello this past summer, we were exhausted and needed to relax. It had been threatening to rain all day ...
22-03-2016 03:38

Stingrays, otters, and belugas - visiting Vancouver Aquarium

 It\'s spring break right now for my kids: two weeks off school, and as usual we\'ve been roaming around locally to entertain ourselves. My kids love ...
22-03-2016 03:33

3 Wellness Travel Ideas to Help You Recharge

Life can get pretty overwhelming at times. If you?re feeling super stressed and burnt out, it may be time to take a step back. Taking the time out to ...
22-03-2016 03:35

Lady’s 6 Places to Travel for the Easter Holidays

Easter is coming! Here in the UK we’re looking forward to four days off this weekend. But with the weather not exactly being warm right now, a lot o ...
22-03-2016 03:35

Louise Porter | Infrared Tribal

Photo © Louise Porter | All Rights ReservedInfrared photography is a different technique that will appeal to those of us who have an adventurous strea ...
22-03-2016 03:31

Skiing to Les Carroz | Grand Massif Ski Resort France

Here is a photo essay of the beautiful sunny and blue skies day in the French Alps we went skiing to Les Carroz d\'Araches village.For this blog entry ...
22-03-2016 03:34

Grand Massif: Massif Slope Views from the Lift | France Ski

Dutchman and I took these pictures during our day skiing to Les Carroz which is located in the Massif part of the Grand Massif ski terrain in the nort ...
21-03-2016 03:35

Views from the Village of Sainte-Famille in Île d'Orléans |

My day trip to Montmorency Falls and Île d\'Orléans is drawing to an end. As I was driving from the village of Saint-Jean to Sainte-Famille, I thought ...
21-03-2016 03:35

Meet Kathmandu’s hidden artisans, the extraordinary Se

Our taxi pulls up outside some rusty wrought iron gates. Inside is one of Nepal?s philanthropic success stories: a tiny business that?s slowly changi ...
21-03-2016 03:36

Komodo Island Tour – The Tropical Paradise Examination

I have a clear idea in my mind of what it would take for a place to qualify as a tropical paradise. According to what I have in mind, a tropical parad ...
21-03-2016 03:40

Cologne at your Feet | Germany

I am a Cologne (Köln) regular because of my work, and honestly speaking, the city is not really the most attractive in Germany?s collection of cities ...
21-03-2016 03:35

Air Force Fun: the most famous US Presidential trips of all

With Omaba touching down in Cuba for the first presidential visit in over 50 years, we\'re looking back on how Air Force One helped shape the 20th ce ...
21-03-2016 03:36

Seabourn is on Sale With Two New Promotions: Special Solo T

Seabourn has a number of promotions right now on a number of this year\'s sailings that are well and truly great values.  But before I get to them, y ...
21-03-2016 03:35

A Caravan to Branson With Friends

At Branson KOA, Branson, MO...As fans of gospel music, we cooked up this trip with Bubba and LouAnn and talked mutual friends Harvey and Mary Lou into ...
21-03-2016 03:34

The Village of Saint-Jean-de-l?Île-d?Orléans | Quebec, Canad

The picturesque Île d\'Orléans has 6 villages, all of them equally quaint and pastoral. I was on a day road trip here from Quebec City with my rental ...
20-03-2016 03:34

Getting ready for more visitors

My daughter, Robyn, and the grandgirls, Avery and Phoebe, will be flying into San Diego Airport tomorrow afternoon.  They?ll be here until next Frida ...
20-03-2016 03:33

Puerto Rico Seriously Has It All

Now that I’ve settled down in New York after five years of travel, one of my goals is to travel more within the U.S. I have a lot of cities I wa ...
20-03-2016 03:35

Lobster Roll & Cider Lunch at Resto de la Plage | Île-d?Orlé

While I was in Quebec, Canada I visited several places on a road trip outside the city. I went to Montmorency Falls which I still have to blog, I went ...
20-03-2016 03:34

How to Spend Four Days in New York City

When my friends visit New York City, they want to see it all. They have laundry lists of places to visit, things to do, restaurants to eat and bars t ...
20-03-2016 03:38

The one thing I learned about Peru, just from glancing at gu

Right now I’m in the planning stages of my first trip to Peru. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and even though it’s not until June, Iâ ...
19-03-2016 03:35

Our Favorite Travel Instagrams | Feature Friday!

Here’s our Top 7 travel pictures from ...
19-03-2016 03:36

Charming and Elegant Rue Saint Louis | Quebec City, Canada T

First time visitors must not miss a stroll on Rue Saint Louis. I read about this street from the Quebec City and Quebec Region travel booklet I picked ...
19-03-2016 03:35

Vine adventures: A glimpse of vibrant Dublin

Adventure couple Dave and Deb of The Planet D have recently returned from Dublin, one of our Best in Travel selects for 2016. Here they?ve rounded up ...
19-03-2016 03:39

How to Make Your Spring Travel More Comfortable

Spring is in the air and it?s the perfect time for Canadians to start planning their travels. A new season brings new possibilities. Where are you goi ...
19-03-2016 03:40

More Photos From Patagonia

There is a reason that we use the phrase "Hiking Argentina\'s Lake District" when referring to our Patagonia hiking tour.  Looking at these photos, ...
19-03-2016 03:35

Bittergarnituur at the Grand Café Huize Maas | Groningen, Ne

Have you tried bittergarnituur in the Netherlands"Busy girls at the bar.Bittergarnituur is similar to Hors d?oeurves in French and Finger Food (little ...
19-03-2016 03:35

Romantic Travel: Something for Everyone

It?s hard not to fall into a certain romantic mood around Valentine?s Day, but romantic travel isn?t just about a date on the calendar. Whether it?s a ...
18-03-2016 03:35

Bringing You ITALY!

Venice - a city that just grows better with time.Yes, I finally set foot on one of my most favourite ?bucket-list? countries ? ITALY! Ah? being in Ita ...
18-03-2016 03:33

Get your kicks: Our ultimate guide to Route 66

Bring a copy of Kerouac, load your iPod up with The Eagles, Nat King Cole and Chuck Berry. Just leave the calorie-counting book at home. The post Get ...
18-03-2016 03:35

Restaurant Paradiso

Once upon a time there was a restaurant called Sjögräs just a stone\'s throw from the Rival Hotel. It was a Bib Gourmand rated restaurant and a great ...
18-03-2016 03:32

Taking FLYTE: How You Helped These High School Students Go t

I get countless emails from people about how they have just taken their first trip and how their whole life has been flipped upside-down as a result. ...
18-03-2016 03:39

Lady’s 9 Beaches that Will Make You Fall in Love with

The Caribbean island of Antigua has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. But if you’re like me, you don’t have that many days in paradise t ...
18-03-2016 03:35

Pathfinder Pics: California

Lonely Planet Pathfinder and the face behind WildJunket, Nellie Huang, recently visited California. Here she shares some of the Instagram captures sh ...
18-03-2016 03:39

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Postcard Perfect Asos in Kefalonia (Greece)

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This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers

This new technology is set to obliterate lang...

Not a drill. It sits in your ear and translates conversation in real time. Either the world is being punked...or the future is now. The post This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog. -
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I?d like to admit that though I am a foodie, my love for food takes a backseat on my travels. Until a year ago, I didn?t focus too much on food. I just ate when I was hungry and I usually stuck to my own kind of food. But, when I wrote 9 Travel... -
Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Has the election coverage left you discouraged" Have you been... -
The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

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Photo by L. O. MMy first visit to the Blue Mountains was a decade ago on my first trip to Australia. I remember several things about that trip to the mountains. My relatives from Australia and I seemed to be the only visitor there that day. We... -
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Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

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5 more tips for actually packing light

5 more tips for actually packing light

We’re big believes in just bringing carry-on sized backpacks, no matter how long we travel. Packing that light can take some getting used to, but it’s very much worth it.  1. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. A small number of shirts,... -
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Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His St...

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Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road,... -

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