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Top 5 Moments: Myrtle Beach

Anthony Melchiorri shares his favorite moments from filming in Myrtle Beach. ...
31-05-2016 03:37

Cat Playground Cafe Myeongdong, Seoul

Date Visited: 26th March 2014 As it was our last day in Seoul, we decided not to travel further and just loitering around Myeongdong Street, which no ...
31-05-2016 03:31

Ithaca Island, Greece: Kioni Village and Harbour

Last year Dutchman and I sailed to a small island paradise called Ithaca which is located beside Kefalonia Island where we were based for our summer h ...
31-05-2016 03:32

Money-Saving Hotel Tips

Tips on how to cut hotels costs such as booking directly with the hotel. ...
31-05-2016 03:37

Traveller stories: 5 times technology ruined my trip

Technology has changed the way we live our day-to-day lives and (for worse or for better) it\'s also changing the way we travel. The post Traveller s ...
31-05-2016 03:33

Kefalonia, Greece: Vatsa Bay in Paliki Peninsula

The island of Kefalonia is a sizable piece of island, and even though we have stayed for 2 weeks, we were far from having seen everything. The Paliki ...
31-05-2016 03:32

Fulltiming: Things That Surprised Us

At Sunset Shores RV Park, Willis, Texas...At nearly five months into this gig, we could hardly be called \'old hands\' at fulltiming. However, we\'ve ...
31-05-2016 03:31

Is it safe to travel to Turkey" All your questions answ

How is the recent unrest affecting travellers" Should people be going at all" And what are we doing to make sure our passengers are safe" We ask our ...
31-05-2016 03:33

Rain, Rain, Go Away

At Sunset Shores RV Park, Willis, Texas...Well, this part of Texas has had its share of rain lately, but we\'re not alone. Several of our Rving friend ...
29-05-2016 03:31

Turkey: Witnessing the Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul

Who would have thought that a religious Islamic ritual will become touristic spectacle"The whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi order under the branch of ...
29-05-2016 03:32
29-05-2016 03:30

The Helisul Experience – Flying High Over Remarkable R

Helisul is the premier helicopter tour operator in Rio, and we can understand why. Unlike their partner company in Iguazu Falls they\'re nice and frie ...
29-05-2016 03:36

Random Street Photo Essay of Fatih, Istanbul

Fatih is the historical old centre of Istanbul. This is where you will see the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque), the Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cister ...
29-05-2016 03:32

Gap Year: Time Out or Burn Out"

Whether it’s a post-high school gap year in the same vein as Malia Obama‘s recent decision, or a well-earned career break, at STA Travel we always ...
28-05-2016 03:33

A wrecked plane sits on an endless lava field at the top of

There’s a remote and stunning plane crash site in Iceland that feels post-apocalyptic. When we first arrived in Iceland at the car rental counter, t ...
28-05-2016 03:32

Why I Won’t Get Mad If You Call Me Lucky

It happened a couple months ago, as I was entering back into the U.S. through immigration at Newark airport. I was standing in line waiting for my tur ...
28-05-2016 03:36

A Christian Church in Istanbul: Church of St. Anthony of Pad

When I was in Istanbul last year I did not expect to find a beautiful Christian Church that would rival the churches in Europe.I found the Church of S ...
28-05-2016 03:32

This Hiking Trail is Really Beautiful!

This photo comes from our guest George Stroud. He took a two week self-guided hike through the Berner Oberland last year.George writes, "This year we ...
28-05-2016 03:32

Light it Up at Vivid Sydney 2016

The Sydney skyline looks pretty awesome on a normal night, but it will be lighting up again for the annual Vivid Sydney light and music festival. Each ...
28-05-2016 03:33

Feature Friday #starttheadventure May 27

TGIF! The weekend is knocking at the door and we’ve got the perfect #starttheadventure photos’s to get you in the mood for one giant weekend of ex ...
28-05-2016 03:33

A Day in London last February

London is a city that I would like to visit more often. So I have a scheduled long weekend trip with Bru this summer. Oh, we can?t wait! But I was the ...
27-05-2016 03:32

Family travel snap: LP Destination Editor, James Smart

For this month?s travel snap we journey to Istanbul with one-year-old Luan, son of Lonely Planet?s Destination Editor for Britain, Ireland & Iceland, ...
27-05-2016 03:35

Foodie Friday: My Favourite Korean Local Delights

Kimchi - Nay!Bibimbap - Nay!Tteokbokki (Spicy Korean rice cakes) - Nay!Although I dislike the above food which are indeed authentic Korean dishes but ...
27-05-2016 03:31

Lady’s 24 Hours in Athens

Sometimes I get lucky when I travel. This morning, for instance. I’m walking down the street in Athens and I suddenly find myself entering the famou ...
27-05-2016 03:33

The Fathom Cruise Experience

It\'s a new idea by Carnival Cruises. Fathom Cruise Lines asks the question, "Can cruiser types do good when visiting ports in the Caribbean"" We\'ve ...
27-05-2016 03:35

Mind-bending Seattle destinations everyone should visit

Seattle offers a wealth of trippy art and mind-bending spaces to explore, much of them just a short distance from Pike Place Market.  I’ve been trav ...
27-05-2016 03:31

Club Cozumel Caribe – Cozumel, Mexico

Last October, I went on a cruise to Mexico with one of my best friends. We went crazy exploring cenotes on our trip, but for our other destination, w ...
26-05-2016 03:32

State of the Savage: May 2016

A few days ago I woke up at the crack of dawn unaided, drove to Chicago, boarded a plane to Dublin, spent the better part of a morning in Dublin\'s te ...
26-05-2016 03:33

Five sounds that offer a glimpse into Parisan culture

Great cities sound great. Beyond the people and the food and everything else that makes them wonderful, cities are a kind of impromptu orchestra of co ...
26-05-2016 03:32

A Survival Guide for Iceland?s Stormiest Days

With summer approaching, it\'s good to know what you can do on one of those stormy days when you find yourself stuck indoors in a small town or villag ...
26-05-2016 03:32

Paris then and now: is this the best photo mashup ever"

Most people come to Paris for croissants, the Moulin Rouge and gloating, in that order. But for history buffs, it\'s like walking back in time. The p ...
26-05-2016 03:33

Japan - Tokyo : Akibahara + Odaiba

Japan : Tokyo - May 2015Akibahara ???Akibahara is the heaven for otaku where it fills with anime and manga among the electronic stores in the distr ...
26-05-2016 03:32

Fun at Jellystone, Then to Our New Home Base

At Sunset Shores RV Park, Willis, Texas...As we did last year, we treated grandsons Mason and Pryce and--oh yes--their parents, Tyler and Mindy, to a ...
26-05-2016 03:31

10 Love Stories From My Travels

Many years ago, I purchased The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel, a guide to strange, new, and offbeat ways of exploring while traveling. (T ...
26-05-2016 03:33

Panoramic Views of the Republic of San Marino

Aside from visiting the cities in Emilia-Romagna (Bologna, Modena and Parma), I managed to do a side trip and spent a day in San Marino, one of the sm ...
26-05-2016 03:32

18 Signs You?re a Frequent Business Traveler

Frequent business travelers?road warriors?are a different breed. They?re skilled at navigating complex logistics. They?re resilient in the face of adv ...
25-05-2016 03:33

Bhutan flight guide: how to get to Paro without losing your

Unfortunately, despite coining Gross Domestic Happiness and living traffic-light-free, Bhutan does exist in a bit of a flight path black hole. The p ...
25-05-2016 03:33

Pacifying Rio’s Favelas – Out with the Gangs, no

I first became interested in visiting Brazil\'s favelas when Dave was working on The Hulk in 2007. Some of the cast and crew flew down to Rio to film ...
25-05-2016 03:36

COEX Aquarium, Seoul

Date Visited: 25th April 2014Right after we done with the free traditional Korean costume experience, we proceeded to Coex Mall, the largest undergrou ...
25-05-2016 03:31

Booked for the Greek Islands this Summer: Lefkada Island and

So excited! We have just booked our summer holiday and we are going next month already! 2 full weeks of sun, beach, island and relaxation... well, som ...
25-05-2016 03:32

This milk bar is one of Kraków’s best dining experienc

There’s a famously quirky, hard to find, cafeteria in Kraków, Poland that takes the idea of hole-in-the-wall dining to a whole new level. It’s cal ...
25-05-2016 03:32

Bologna Eats: Salami, Cheese and Pickles for Dinner at Simon

Ah, this is my first eat in Bologna...The original plan was to actually start with the aperitivo hour and then have my Emilia-Romagna dinner. I was ey ...
25-05-2016 03:32

Quiz: which Best in Europe destination drink are you"

Is Europe on your travel wish list this year" Our experts have combed the continent to bring you the best places to visit in 2016. Exploring our top ...
24-05-2016 03:36

Five dogs who are loving their time at the Grand Canyon

I recently made a brief visit to the Grand Canyon. It was a crowded day at the park, but some of the most enthusiastic visitors were those with four l ...
24-05-2016 03:33

Alluring Beaches and Seaside Holidays in Turkey

Turkey - the Mediterranean marvel is a treasure of alluring beaches, elegant backdrops, hospitality and history. In fact, Turkey is an address to many ...
24-05-2016 03:37

How Am I Doing" Help Me Make This Place Better!

Hi all, Just a short post today. Every six months I like to survey the community to get a sense of what?s working and what?s not. After all, I work f ...
24-05-2016 03:36

Obsessed With the Building

The owner of an old brothel in Montana has become obsessed with the place. ...
24-05-2016 03:37

Lady Sails in Southampton

It’s a sunny morning on the Solent. The birds are calling, the water is sparkling, and I’m ready for a day of sailing in Southampton. I’m here f ...
24-05-2016 03:34

Singled out: the best island escapes for solo travellers

Listen up, solo travellers. This is what paradise looks like... The post Singled out: the best island escapes for solo travellers appeared first on I ...
24-05-2016 03:34

Just back from… Barbados

Action shot: Maria and family explore the island by boat © Maria McKenzie Lonely Planet?s Social Communications Manager, Maria McKenzie, is just back ...
24-05-2016 03:36

Parma, Italy: The Parma Cathedral and its Stunning Monochrom

Italy is home to grandiose and exquisite age-old churches filled with mind-blowing display of antiquated frescoes, sculptures, paintings, mosaics and ...
24-05-2016 03:33

How to Get a Better Room

How to treat hotel staff so they treat you well, including an upgrade. ...
24-05-2016 03:37

50 by 50: Planning a Road Trip Through North Dakota

Today?s post is brought to you by North Dakota Tourism With my 46th birthday less than a month away, the big 5-0 seems to be looming just on the horiz ...
24-05-2016 03:36

Vivre Côté Sud is June 3 to 6 in Aix

The 18th edition of the popular design fair called Vivre Côté Sud takes place June 3 to 6 in the Parc Jourdan in ...
24-05-2016 03:33

The Landscapes Of Jordan

Jordan is a pure delight when it comes to landscape photography. The landscapes of Jordan are unique ? they are not just beautiful. They exude mystery ...
23-05-2016 03:32

Parma, Italy: Palazzo della Pilota on Piazza della Pilota

For my Emilia-Romagna trip last week I went to 3 cities in the region: Bologna, Modena and Parma. Moi at Piazza della Pilota with the Palazzo della Pi ...
23-05-2016 03:32

Getting Soaked – The Ultimate Iguazu Falls Tour

Niagara Falls has the Maid of the Mist, and it\'s a thrill to take a boat into the heart of the horseshoe. But when visiting Brazil, our Iguazu Falls ...
23-05-2016 03:35

Three hikes in Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell, in the southern region of Iceland, is known for its beautiful landscape and its hiking. Before 2008, Skaftafell was an individual national ...
23-05-2016 03:32

Italy: Postcards from Lake Como and Bellagio

Lake Como is in Northern Italy Lombardi region and known for its upscale resort and century old villas or famous celebrity villas.  Unless you own on ...
22-05-2016 03:32

The Delicious Albinelli Market in Modena, Italy

Trivia: Did you know that the Emilia Romagna region in northern Italy is the Food Capital of the country" It is also the Automobile Capital of Italy ( ...
22-05-2016 03:32

The "End" Justifies the Means

At Jellystone RV Park, Burleson, Texas...This will be a short post with a simple message having to do with one of the most important things you can do ...
22-05-2016 03:32

Ducal Palace and Piazza Roma in Modena, Italy

Modena has 2 main piazzas and ?Piazza Roma? is one of the them.Compared to Pizza Grande (a separate post is coming), Piazza Roma is quite modern to my ...
21-05-2016 03:32

Changing Weather

Blogging.Linda checked the weather every time we drove up to Cell Phone Point and the weekend wasn\'t looking so good.  I posted on this blog when we ...
21-05-2016 03:31

All You Need to know about the Top 10 Best Hikes in South Am

South America is a land of vivid colors, strong traditions and stunning landscapes. From the dense Amazonian jungle to the most idylic Caribbean beach ...
21-05-2016 03:36

Round the World in 6 Stops! #FeatureFriday

This week’s #FeatureFriday takes inspiration from one of our favorite round the world routes, drum roll please…. The Mighty Mighty! Golden rays, h ...
21-05-2016 03:33

This California mission has ties to the Donner Party and Alf

This crumbling California Mission and adjacent state historic park is only about an hour drive southeast from the Bay Area and has an Old West/Alta Ca ...
21-05-2016 03:32

Lady’s 8 Food Tours that will Make You Want to Travel

I will travel for food. For me there’s no better way to get to know a city than through its cuisine. Hot and spicy or rich and buttery, the dishes o ...
21-05-2016 03:33

To The Racist I Had the Displeasure of Meeting Recently

From our first conversation, I knew that you and I wouldn’t get along. You were negative and made put-downs on a regular basis; I knew I had no ...
21-05-2016 03:33

Bargain eats in Sydney!

If you?re someone who is more ?live to eat?, rather than ?eat to live?, the prospect of travelling to Sydney on a backpacker budget might be creating ...
20-05-2016 03:34

Thinking about travelling to Japan" Watch. This. First.

Finally, someone has done Japan justice on film. If this doesn\'t make you want to see the Land of the Rising Sun, nothing ever will. The post Think ...
20-05-2016 03:34

Stuff You Should Know About: May 2016

Welcome to ?Stuff You Should Know About? ? a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don?t really fit in anywher ...
20-05-2016 03:36

11 Tips for Travel with Kids to Wine Country

This is a guest post from my friend Jen Reyneri, founder of the Faith & Family Travel Community, Jen says “I’m so grateful to g ...
20-05-2016 03:36

Modena, Italy: The Market and Church at Piazza della Pomposa

Modena easily became my favourite city for this short spring Italian holiday, and I will tell about why as I blog along...In Modena I parked the car a ...
20-05-2016 03:32

31 Years

Anniversery drive up the Joe.I sat across from the crackling hot fire and looked at Linda. She was smiling, looking deep into the fire. My heart swell ...
20-05-2016 03:31

13 Amazing Things to Do in India

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve never been to India. I know, right" It’s high up on my list of places to visit but, with so much to see, I’m just s ...
20-05-2016 03:36

5 Unique Babymoon Destinations

In a previous post, I wrote about 8 Tips for Planning a Babymoon. Now that I have you convinced that a babymoon is necessary for both your marriage an ...
20-05-2016 03:33

Fiji time or no time. A diary of our Fiji famil.

Today’s blog comes from the lovely Louise Jones a travel expert in our Goodge Street, London store. She’s talking all things Fiji, so sip that pin ...
20-05-2016 03:34

These boats serve one of Istanbul’s best cheap eats

A row of boats floating beside the Galata Bridge serve inexpensive fish sandwiches to a lively crowd. Don’t leave the city without trying them. The ...
20-05-2016 03:32

Lady Shares a Giveaway for a Trip to Croatia

If you could leave the office today and take a trip, where would you go" If the answer is Croatia, you could be in luck. I’ve partnered with the Cro ...
19-05-2016 03:34

There are pillars of brightly colored boulders in the Nevada

Vast stretches of the Nevada desert are covered in brown dust and faded scrubs, but for a limited time there will be something else as well: seven tow ...
19-05-2016 03:33

7 Jewels Of Jordan

When I landed in Amman, the capital of Jordan, I had a vague idea about what Jordan had in store for me. I was obviously curious because it had been o ...
19-05-2016 03:33

Why You Should Choose an Adventurous Honeymoon

Adventure is an important part of living. And I\'d argue that adventure is an important part of a marriage, whether that means jumping out of an airpl ...
19-05-2016 03:36

This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers

Not a drill. It sits in your ear and translates conversation in real time. Either the world is being punked...or the future is now. The post This ne ...
19-05-2016 03:34

Sugar Pine Point State Park – Lake Tahoe, CA

On our last full day in Lake Tahoe, we went exploring other parts around the lake a bit. We found ...
19-05-2016 03:33

Know Before You Go: Packing for Scotland

Once upon a time I wrote a post about what I packed for five weeks in Argentina. As you will see over the course of this post, while individual items ...
19-05-2016 03:34

Top 7 spots in Central America!

With epic coastlines, lush jungles and towering volcanoes, Central America is an adventure playground waiting to be explored but if you?re more into c ...
19-05-2016 03:34

Free Traditional Korean Costume Experience in Seoul

Date Visited: 25th March 2014Have you ever thought of experience the traditional local costume whenever travel foreign countries" What\'s more when yo ...
19-05-2016 03:32

Bologna at Night

I arrived in Bologna (at the Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi Bologna) in the afternoon and it took some time before I was on the road with my cute Fiat 50 ...
19-05-2016 03:33

One minute and 37 seconds of pure, unadulterated wanderlust

Anyone who\'s travelled knows that a real journey is measured in memories, not miles. That sounds like a cat poster, but it\'s true. The post One mi ...
19-05-2016 03:34

Mamma Mia the Party! This Summer in English.

Press photo by Mats Bäcker for TyrolToday is my last day before my pre-summer vacation. I am off to recharge my batteries before the busy summer seaso ...
19-05-2016 03:32

The Day I Wandered Alone in Seoul

Date Visited: 24 March 2014It all started when my sister and her boyfriend intended to visit ...
18-05-2016 03:31

The Bar & Salumeria Scene at Via Pescherie Vecchie in Quadri

My first encounter with the bar scene in Bologna was at the Quadrilatero area just behind Piazza Maggiore.While the "aperitivo" culture in northern It ...
18-05-2016 03:32

You Should Go To Patagonia If You Want To Feel Small

It was Friedrich Nietzsche that said ?all truly great ideas are conceived by walking?, but Nietzsche had obviously never walked in Patagonia. The pos ...
18-05-2016 03:33

16 Reasons to Fall in Love with Savannah, Georgia

Two years ago, I visited the city of Savannah, Georgia, for the first time — and it immediately became one of my favorite places in the world. S ...
18-05-2016 03:33

Lonely Planet Kids: we?re giving away 250 virtual reality he

To celebrate the launch of our new Lonely Planet Kids Let?s Explore… series, we?ve teamed up with the techies at Ascape ( to take your l ...
18-05-2016 03:35

Take a sleeper train in Europe as soon as possible, because

The era of rocking to sleep while speeding across the European countryside may be ending. This is bad news for travelers who want to experience what h ...
18-05-2016 03:32

4 Secret Beaches You Need to Know About

I love beaches! Let?s be honest, who doesn?t" Everyone knows the famous beaches like Waikiki Beach, South Beach or Copacabana Beach. But what about th ...
18-05-2016 03:33

Italy: Getting Married in Modena

In Modena I witnessed a bride arrived in a vintage hippie gypsy style light blue Volkswagen van. The whole wedding entourage wore pink flower headdres ...
17-05-2016 03:32

Eating Cheap in Prague

From beer and cheese to meat of any kind, food in Prague is fast and cheap. ...
17-05-2016 03:36

Six places where you can actually see the buffalo roam

Though bison don’t roam the plains in the millions any more, there are still plenty of places to see America’s new national mammal. This month, in ...
17-05-2016 03:32

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Postcard Perfect Asos in Kefalonia (Greece)

Postcard Perfect Asos in Kefalonia (Greece)

Have you been to this remote postcard perfect village in Kefalonia" She is called Asos and she is lovely.Because the main highway road from Myrtos to Asos is closed due to the earthquake a year and a half ago (January 2014), this village right now... -
This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers

This new technology is set to obliterate lang...

Not a drill. It sits in your ear and translates conversation in real time. Either the world is being punked...or the future is now. The post This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog. -
My Food Trail In Kashmir

My Food Trail In Kashmir

I?d like to admit that though I am a foodie, my love for food takes a backseat on my travels. Until a year ago, I didn?t focus too much on food. I just ate when I was hungry and I usually stuck to my own kind of food. But, when I wrote 9 Travel... -
Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Has the election coverage left you discouraged" Have you been... -
The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Photo by L. O. MMy first visit to the Blue Mountains was a decade ago on my first trip to Australia. I remember several things about that trip to the mountains. My relatives from Australia and I seemed to be the only visitor there that day. We... -
Last Rites and Blossoms at the Noorderveld

Last Rites and Blossoms at the Noorderveld

Three months ago I attended a family interment. It?s one of those bleak events in our lives that we do not really want to go through, but eventually, we all have to, one way or another. It is inevitable. There were so many things running in my head... -
Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

Head?s up everyone, the summer is fast approaching and it?s time to start making some travel plans. You?ve got the student perks of a long summer vacation, combined with our exclusive Student Flight deals. So, no excuses! Forget the destination you... -
5 more tips for actually packing light

5 more tips for actually packing light

We’re big believes in just bringing carry-on sized backpacks, no matter how long we travel. Packing that light can take some getting used to, but it’s very much worth it.  1. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. A small number of shirts,... -
Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His Story

Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His St...

The year?s almost over, but don?t let it pass by... -
Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road,... -

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