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Family travel snap: Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director

This month?s family travel snap takes us to beautiful North Wales. Lonely Planet?s Editorial Director, Tom Hall, has recently visited Snćfellsnes in w ...
30-09-2016 03:34

How to Save Money on Transportation Costs While Traveling

For travelers looking to stretch their vacation dollars, cutting back on transportation costs may be the easiest way to save money while traveling. Th ...
30-09-2016 03:35

Goodbye Terese. We'll Miss You!

This was the day that Terese Broderick fell to earth and changed our lives forever.Terese wore a lot of hats at the Ryder-Walker office. She answered ...
30-09-2016 03:32

There’s a huge waterfall hidden in the woods of Michig

Tahquamenon Falls is a state park about four and a half hours north of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  You can hear Tahquamenon Falls before you see it. From ...
30-09-2016 03:32

The sacred monkey forests of Bali

The Monkey Forest Bali tour In this Trip of Wonders we now go on a safari in Bali and head on a sacred monkey forest Bali tour There are three of them ...
30-09-2016 03:35

Why Sustainable Tourism Should Matter to You

The words “sustainable” and “responsible” have become buzzwords in tourism in recent years, right up there with “eco-friendly” as the newe ...
30-09-2016 03:34

Group Events with Space Available in October

 A free financial forum for expats will be held at Chateau La Coste, the very-unique, very-beautiful wine domaine not far from Aix.  ...
30-09-2016 03:32

Heady Heights at Corrieshalloch Gorge

Scotland\'s northwest highlands are basically one huge natural wonder, but there are certain sites within this gorgeous expanse that even the Scots re ...
29-09-2016 03:33

Lady’s Sneak Peek at 9 October Food Festivals in Londo

October is unofficial food month in London. From top to bottom, the calendar is packed with weeks dedicated to everything from chocolate to cocktails, ...
29-09-2016 03:33

When can you say you’ve lived in a place"

A while back, I wrote about the sometimes-tricky question of when you can say you’ve visited a place. The thing is, sometimes there’s a blurry lin ...
29-09-2016 03:32

5 Useful Tips to Visit the Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni is a bit like being bludgeoned by wonder. How to Visit the Salar de Uyuni by Elliott Gresswell How to Visit the Salar de Uyuni The ...
29-09-2016 03:34

Flickr challenge: ?Bicycles? theme results

Every week we host a photo competition for our Flickr community, challenging photographers to submit their best image on a specific theme. In a cheeky ...
29-09-2016 03:34

The Monks of Poipu

Monday night we went to dinner at Shenanigan\'s and had drinks at the Western most bar in the United States.The sunset was nice and we had a pretty go ...
29-09-2016 03:31

Rotterdam Photo Essay: De Trap (The Staircase) ? Groot Hande

Dutchman and I were visiting Rotterdam last June when we were able to see and experience the ?De Trap? (The Staircase) art installation. Although the ...
29-09-2016 03:32

6 Tips for Wrinkle-Free Packing

There?s not much more I hate than ironing other than wrinkled clothes. It?s why I spend an absurd amount of money on dry-cleaning and promptly remove ...
28-09-2016 03:33

Cologne, Germany: Summer at Rheinauhafen

We have moved offices in Cologne and we are now situated in the city centre which is just a few minutes walking from the Dom Cathedral and Cologne Hau ...
28-09-2016 03:32

Island hopping in Hong Kong: exploring Lantau

Forget the Cote d?Azur, Hong Kong is the ultimate place to go island-hopping. And we know just the place to start...Lantau. The post Island hopping i ...
28-09-2016 03:33

Sensational sunsets around the world

There’s nothing more beautiful than the the transition between daylight and dark. Here are some of my favorite sunsets and sunrises we’ve captured ...
28-09-2016 03:32

31 ways to tell if think like a true Parisian?

“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn. So let’s see if you’re up to scratch and able to think like a true Parisian… 1. You know t ...
28-09-2016 03:33

How to Choose the Best Luggage for Your Next Trip

Luggage is not one-size-fits-all, so it?s important to consider your travel style and cater to those needs when making your next luggage purchase. The ...
28-09-2016 03:34

Pathfinder pics: exploring Edinburgh’s August festival

Lonely Planet Pathfinder Daniel Clarke recently visited the Scottish capital to check out the festivities that take over the city in August. Here he ...
28-09-2016 03:34

Capt. Andy's

Again we were up well before the sun so we could drive down to Port Allen, for a sailing adventure on Captain Andy\'s catamaran.It was another beauti ...
27-09-2016 03:32

Ghost Adventures: Spirits Attack Jay

While investigating the town of Locke, GA crew member Jay Wasley is attacked. Get more Ghost Adventures here: ...
27-09-2016 03:35

How I Make Money as a Blogger

I’m going to be completely honest here: I sometimes avoid telling people that I’m a travel blogger when I first meet them. This isn’t because Iâ ...
27-09-2016 03:35

Which squad member are you"

So TayTay thinks she has the ultimate squad… We think we can match her. It takes individuals to make a squad, but what part do you play" On every Co ...
27-09-2016 03:34

Mountain Biking the World's Most Deadly Road ? La Paz, Boliv

The word death invokes a finality that means no return.  Kaput, finito, finished? there is no coming back from it.  How insane is it to take a gambl ...
27-09-2016 03:33

Just back from… Israel

Spot Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock behind Cory Lee © Cory Lee Cory Lee, travel blogger at Curb Free with Cory Lee and Lonely Planet Pathfinder, recen ...
27-09-2016 03:35

Lady at the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales

I always enjoy traveling, but when there’s food involved I love it. Food festivals are some of my favorite excuses to hop on a plane or train and im ...
27-09-2016 03:34

Ghost Adventures: Locke Historian Afraid

Zak interviews a local about the history of the Dai Loy Casino. Get more Ghost Adventures here: ...
27-09-2016 03:35

How to Make the Most of 3 Days in the Algarve

Visiting Portugal without visiting the Algarve and its spectacular coast is like going to Italy and not trying the pasta. But where do you go if you o ...
27-09-2016 03:35

Utrecht, Netherlands: Summer Picnic at the Grift Park

Summer came a little bit late in the Netherlands. The weather here is very unpredictable, just like a woman =)Our June and July were springy and somet ...
27-09-2016 03:33

Off-the-Beaten Path in Orlando

I’m not sure there is anywhere in the world quite like Orlando. The place that used to be quiet citrus groves is now the theme park capital of the w ...
27-09-2016 03:35

Top 10 coolest things to do for FREE in Europe

Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson once perfectly harmonised to tell us that ?the best things in life are free.? The dreamy song is not only a catchy 9 ...
27-09-2016 03:34

Top thing to do in NYC: Get off any subway stop and just sta

The City of New York is among the great cities of the world that are a pleasure to experience on foot. In fact, strolling through Manhattan without an ...
27-09-2016 03:33

Lonar - The Crater Lake : Meteor, Myth, Monuments

So many shades of green ? from the bright green of the leaves to the dull green mixed with brown of the mountains. Even the lake was green, though it ...
27-09-2016 03:35

A Parisian Foodie Agenda

The number one rule for a true Parisian is to know exactly where to find the perfect rendezvous spot. Paris? dining culture is world renowned from the ...
27-09-2016 03:34

Meganisi Island, Greece: Our Roadtripping Itinerary and Scen

After having our fill at Vathi and slurping our chilled Greek frappes and milk chocolate shake dry, we were ready for our little island road tripping. ...
26-09-2016 03:33

Tourist Stuff

Once we decided to come to Kauai, Linda started researching what to do and see here on this beautiful island. Many people gave us great information an ...
26-09-2016 03:32

The 6 best destinations for solo travel

Travelling alone doesn?t mean you have to travel alone. One of the best ways I?ve found to explore a country, during my two years of solo travel, is ...
26-09-2016 03:34

A visit to Senggarang Chinese Village in Bintan Island

On this Trip of Wonders in Indonesia, we now visit a fishing hamlet and a Chinese village in Senggarang Bintan and understand some of the traditions o ...
25-09-2016 03:37

Enjoying the Fall Colors on Djurgĺrden

On one of my parents\' last days visiting this past week, I took them on walk around the island of Djurgĺrden... one of our favorite activities. I hav ...
25-09-2016 03:32

Day 18: Sapporo and Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

Otatru snow light path candlesWednesday, 11 February 2015Continues from: Day 17: Sapporo snow festivalToday we were having another go at a Round One S ...
25-09-2016 03:32

Photo Essay of Vathi: Capital of Meganisi Island

Fancy a day trip from Lefkada Island" Meganisi is the answer!The island of Meganisi is a perfect day trip from Lefkada. It takes less than 20 minutes ...
25-09-2016 03:32

Waimea Canyon

We checked and re-checked the weather and decided that today would be the best day for a trip up Waimea Canyon Drive.  After loading up we drove to W ...
25-09-2016 03:32

Everything You Need to Know About Alexandria, Egypt

Whether you are on budget or hoping for a luxurious getaway or maybe even you are looking for the perfect destination for your family vacation, Alexan ...
24-09-2016 03:37

Three things that make driving in the Peruvian countryside u

Rural Peru has incredible natural scenery mixed with ancient and modern manmade designs. It’s an immersive experience not to be missed. This summer ...
24-09-2016 03:33

Panorama Views from the Mountains of Exanthia in Lefkada, Gr

During summer, many people (locals and holidaymakers) come to Exanthia for 3 things:   1. Paraglide   2. Watch the sunset views from the terrace o ...
24-09-2016 03:33

Takehiko Yagi | Holi

Photo ©Â Takehiko Yagi-All Rights Reserved"I have been fascinated by the colors of the sacred festival of Holi for nine years now. I fell in love with ...
24-09-2016 03:31

It?s official: Indigenous Australians are the oldest civilis

72,000 years of history mapped in the human genome" Thanks for being awesome, science. The post It?s official: Indigenous Australians are the oldest ...
23-09-2016 03:33

10 Amazing Things To Do in Oregon?s Mt. Hood Territory

For an excitement-filled trip to the Pacific Northwest, Oregon\'s Mt. Hood Territory is the place to go! The post 10 Amazing Things To Do in Oregon ...
23-09-2016 03:36

Join us for our Lonely Planet Kids event in London

Are you parent or guardian to a wannabe globetrotter" You are cordially invited to join Lonely Planet Kids in London this November for a wanderlust-f ...
23-09-2016 03:36

Barking Sands

As soon as we get settled in I\'ll update this post. All I can say now is that we got up at 3:30 AM and Mike Wassmuth drove us to the airport. Thanks, ...
23-09-2016 03:31

Introducing our brand new cycling trip in Tanzania (video)

Tanzania might not be a classic cycling destination, if only because cheetahs are usually faster than cyclists. Let\'s change that... The post Introd ...
23-09-2016 03:33

Lefkada, Greece: Dinner at Taverna Stavros in Sivota

Sivota is my favourite village in Lefkada. It?s a cushy and intimate place with an exclusive vibe in the air. I quite like that.We had dinner here at ...
23-09-2016 03:32

Eat Here Now: Badachro Inn

Scotland\'s northern highlands are a gorgeous wilderness filled with high mountains, sea-scoured cliffs, vacant beaches, and secretive wildlife. There ...
23-09-2016 03:33

The hygge life: our perfect weekend in Copenhagen

A weekend in Copenhagen is one of the best ways to get a taste of Nordic culture. Why" Because it\'s like the industrial-chic distillation of everyth ...
23-09-2016 03:33

New TripIt Updates for iOS 10

TripIt users who?ve recently upgraded to iOS 10, this one is for you. Last week, Apple?s iOS 10 update went live, and we?re excited to show you how we ...
23-09-2016 03:33

Lady’s Guide to Hiking Pen y Fan, the Highest Peak in

The best things about my home town in California are the hiking trails within a minute’s walk of my front door. They’re the things I miss most now ...
23-09-2016 03:33

The curious connection between lira, pounds, and ancient Rom

Earlier this year while wandering around Turkey, I wondered: why did the country use “lira” as currency" Lira is what Italy used before the euro, ...
23-09-2016 03:32

Traveling the World Blind: An Interview with Dan

The ability to see all the beauty in the world – from a sunset over the mountains to the mist of a cloud forest to the crystal blue waters of Thail ...
23-09-2016 03:36

Join us for our pop-up photography exhibition in London

This November Lonely Planet is hosting a pop-up photography exhibition in London to celebrate the launch of the new edition of The Travel Book ? and ...
23-09-2016 03:36

Where would you ride" We ask the world’s best cyc

We went to the world\'s biggest cycling junkies and asked them a simple question: where do you want to ride" The post Where would you ride" We ask t ...
23-09-2016 03:33

This Los Angeles neighborhood is a secret Victorian oasis

Los Angeles’ most famous buildings tend to be modern and flashy, but the city is also home to a high concentration of incredible Victorian-era homes ...
22-09-2016 03:33

Sipping Wine in Grapevine, Texas

If ever a wine destination was aptly named, it is Grapevine, Texas. This charming little town, just minutes from the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth airpo ...
22-09-2016 03:35

Stingray City in Style – Private Luxury Charters on Gr

The moment we said we were traveling to the Cayman Islands, everyone asked, "are you going to Stingray City" visions of beach bars on sandy beaches po ...
22-09-2016 03:35

Flickr challenge: ?Harvest? theme results

Each week our Flickr contests introduce a new theme and participating photographers enter their most fitting image for the chosen word or phrase. The ...
22-09-2016 03:35

Lefkada, Greece: Chic Sivota Village and Natural Bay Harbour

When I first laid my eyes on Sivota (also spelled as Syvota) located in the south of Lefkada island, I fell in love with her. She is poised, elegant a ...
22-09-2016 03:33


THE WORLD?S HIGHEST CAPITAL CITYLa Paz get more dangerous the higher you go.  This is the district known as El AltoArriving to the capital of La Paz ...
22-09-2016 03:33

Lefkada, Greece: Lunch on Agios Nikitas Beach at Sapfo Taver

Who doesn\'t want a view like this whilst lunching"We had lunch here at Sapfo Taverna right on the beach front of Agios Nikitas. The location could no ...
21-09-2016 03:34

Malbec, Malamutes and Moai

Frequently, in person and sometimes on social media, I joke about the 2004 vintage Malbec we keep in our house. The joke, of course, is that while Mal ...
21-09-2016 03:34

Indonesia travel diary with Huawei P9

Travel photography tips with Huawei P9 review On a recent trip to Indonesia with a group of bloggers, I was reviewing the Huawei P9 as a travel photog ...
21-09-2016 03:36

What To Do When Things Go Wrong While Traveling

The more you travel, the more you know that even the best laid travel plans don?t always go, well, according to plan. There are far too many variables ...
21-09-2016 03:35

Just back from… St Petersburg

Orla at a rooftop bar overlooking the Church on the Spilled Blood © Gary Latham Orla Thomas, Features Editor of Lonely Planet Traveller magazine, rece ...
20-09-2016 03:34

Ever wondered what an Intrepid sailing trip looks like"

Sailing isn\'t like it was in the old days. Rates of scurvy have declined. Peg legs are few. No-one really knows what \'hardtack\' is anymore. On the ...
20-09-2016 03:33

Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In ...
20-09-2016 03:34

Bolivia ? Copacabana and Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca

After a very long and exhausting day of boats, taxis, tuk tuks, buses, and by foot, I finally arrived to the Bolivian border.  Unfortunately, America ...
20-09-2016 03:32

Hanoi Grapevine | The Spirit Mediums of Hanoi

I\'m very pleased that Hanoi Grapevine has featured news of my photo book H?u ??ng: The Spirit Mediums of Viet Nam on its popular portal.Hanoi Grape ...
20-09-2016 03:30

Food Paradise International: Parisian Blue Cheese Burger

Keep your eyes peeled for the Le Camion Qui Fume food truck in France. Get more Food Paradise International here: ...
20-09-2016 03:34

Lefkada, Greece: Gorgeous (and Crowded!) Agios Nikitas Beach

One of the things we love doing during our summer holidays in the Greek Islands is discovering its lovely beaches. For this particular day, which was ...
20-09-2016 03:32

Ten, No, Eleven RV Essentials for Fulltiming

At Northlake Village RV Park, Roanoke, Texas...We got through the wedding without any known hiccup or embarrassment (I think). Our cousin, the bride, ...
20-09-2016 03:31

Bookstores are still one of the best ways to catch a case of

There’s something about the physical exploration of going to an actual store, perusing the aisles, and picking up guidebooks that is ideal prep for  ...
20-09-2016 03:32

Thrilling it up at Six Flags New England

Can you believe that we have lived in Rhode Island for almost fourteen years and never made it to Six Flags New England until this summer" Ok, I admit ...
20-09-2016 03:34

Our budget travel guide to Scandinavia

Often, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of travel to Scandinavia is the cost. Not anymore, baby. The post Our budget travel guide to ...
20-09-2016 03:33

What to Wear on Safari – Look Good in the Lodge and on

Haven\'t you always wanted to look good when you travel" When watching Indiana Jones or The Mummy movies, I loved the way everyone looked great as the ...
20-09-2016 03:34

Ghost Adventures: Braken Fern Manor Murders

Mob-run prostitution and murders have made Braken Fern a paranormal hotspot. Get more Ghost Adventures here: ...
20-09-2016 03:34

Lady’s 5 Tips for How to Pack with Just a Carry-On

I like to travel light. So much so that I’m known for never checking a bag. I’ve even been interviewed about it in one of London’s leading newsp ...
20-09-2016 03:33

#702Roadtrip Northern KZN.

This past week, I was invited to join Talk Radio 702 in collaboration with South African Tourism ( Shotleft) to do a road trip of Northern KZN. Better ...
19-09-2016 03:35

Utrecht, Netherlands: The ?Swan Market? on Vredenburg, Utrec

There?s no lying, I am a big fan of markets and with this I mean special lifestyle outdoor markets, farmer?s markets and food markets. I have a dedica ...
19-09-2016 03:32

The Great Myanmar Train Travel Adventure

Taking the Myanmar train was one of those things that we just had to do. Prior to arriving to the country we heard from fellow travellers about how gr ...
18-09-2016 03:34

Utrecht, Netherlands: At Zinnia Japanese Restaurant ? To ?Al

Many Japanese restaurants in the Netherlands offer the ?All you can eat? business model which you might think (and many do!) is value for money becaus ...
18-09-2016 03:32

Until Sept 25: The Paris Pop-Up in Arles

In the food world, pop-up restaurants are all the rage. The idea is that a chef moves into temporary quarters in a new space, city or country, al ...
18-09-2016 03:32

Autumn Art Exhibitions

After writing about autumn sightseeing options, I guess I should also write about all the different art museum exhibitions this coming season! Stockho ...
18-09-2016 03:32

Peru's Lake Tikicaca - the World's Highest Lake

Lake Tikicaca has three claims to fame.  It?s the largest and deepest lake in South America.  It also earns the title of highest navigable lake in t ...
18-09-2016 03:32

Two Quick Things

I have started riding my recumbent, again. Need to get into shape and also need to rehab my achilles tendon that I injured about a month ago.On my la ...
18-09-2016 03:31

Modena, Italy: Via del Taglio Shopping Street and Travel Sou

Well I kind of discovered Modena\'s shopping street accidentally. I parked the rental car in Novi Sad Garage and just followed a small crowd, and they ...
17-09-2016 03:32

Favorite Places: This mosque turned cathedral in Spain

The Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba Spain is a tranquil sea of red and white arches, on a site where people have worshipped various gods for thousands of ...
17-09-2016 03:32

Bologna, Italy: Vegetarian Lunch at ?Ex Macelleria Equina a.

Did you know that the delicious Bella Italia is a great country for vegetarians" Grilled paprika, aubergine and courgette doused in olive oil are one ...
16-09-2016 03:32

This treadmill is one of the best airport ideas yet

This week I had a layover in Minneapolis. It wasn’t enough time to see much of anything in Minnesota, but it was enough time to be impressed by this ...
16-09-2016 03:32

How to Use Your First-Class Upgrade to Network

A first-class upgrade is a golden ticket to network with some high-powered players. Sadly, most people squander the opportunity and view the complemen ...
16-09-2016 03:33

Lady’s Guide to 24 Hours in Birmingham

As a Londoner, it’s easy to forget there’s an England outside the capital. London has so much going on I could stay here forever and never get bor ...
16-09-2016 03:34

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Postcard Perfect Asos in Kefalonia (Greece)

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This new technology is set to obliterate lang...

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Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Has the election coverage left you discouraged" Have you been... -
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Last Rites and Blossoms at the Noorderveld

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Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

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5 more tips for actually packing light

5 more tips for actually packing light

We’re big believes in just bringing carry-on sized backpacks, no matter how long we travel. Packing that light can take some getting used to, but it’s very much worth it.  1. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. A small number of shirts,... -
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Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His St...

The year?s almost over, but don?t let it pass by... -
Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road,... -

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