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Singapore: Family Dinner at Kim?s Seafood Place (From Street

On my last evening in Singapore last year, the family decided to have dinner at this restaurant with a very inspiring story located on Joo Chiat, a r ...
31-10-2016 03:34

Traveller stories: A night in Paris’ Shakespeare &

The streetlamps outside are shining through my window, silhouetting the shadowy face of Virginia Woolf that has been painted on the glass... The post ...
31-10-2016 03:36

Thailand: Part One of the Elephant Show ? "Elephant Wor

If not because of my mother, who is adamant on seeing the Elephant show, I wouldn?t have been here and be able to witness the Elephant World Cup! Who ...
30-10-2016 03:37

Netherlands: Walk in Baarn Forest (Baarnse Bos) and Tea at E

Autumns are weekends spent walking in the forest for the Dutchman and I. The fall season however came a bit later in the Netherlands, which probably h ...
30-10-2016 03:37

How to Balance Travel Blogging with a Full Time Job

I?m sure many of us with The Wanderlust wish that we could be travel blogging while traveling the world with an unlimited amount of time and money, wi ...
30-10-2016 03:40

Travel quiz: November edition

Do you collect facts like other people collect fridge magnets" Want to learn more about the planet we live on" Test and expand your knowledge of worl ...
29-10-2016 03:38

7 hot travel spots to check out in 2017

Featuring the hottest ? and coolest ? destinations on earth. How many have you been to" The post 7 hot travel spots to check out in 2017 appeared fir ...
29-10-2016 03:38

Translating German Christmas Markets. Or ?Weihnachtsmärkte!?

Last December Marliese and I went on my virgin Weihnachtsmarkt pilgrimage to Deutschland. Being married to a frau (woman) with German heritage has fin ...
29-10-2016 03:39


If you’ve got it, haunt it. We’re bringing you some of the spookiest snaps from across the globe in honour of Halloween on Monday. Wherever you ar ...
29-10-2016 03:38

Khajuraho - Forms of Shiva

Shiva, at Khajuraho, like almost everywhere else, is worshipped in the form of a Lingam. No matter how elaborate and intricate the temple and its scul ...
29-10-2016 03:38


Education and training is an essential component for success if aspiring to change employee behaviour or increase the uptake of a company policy.As a ...
29-10-2016 03:36

Stuff You Should Know About: October 2016

Welcome to ?Stuff You Should Know About? ? a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don?t really fit in anywher ...
29-10-2016 03:38

Lady’s 19 Expat Survival Tips for London

Today is my 9-year anniversary of living in London! Time has flown since I got my first visa and moved to the UK in 2007. But I’ve learned a lot abo ...
29-10-2016 03:38

Expresso TV: Outdoor Adventures in South Africa.

Springtime is around the corner and those outdoor adventures are looking increasingly attractive. Expresso invited me back in studio to give us the l ...
29-10-2016 03:39

My Favorite Travel Books of 2016

Travel books: I love reading them! They keep me inspired and educated, and help me pass the time on long flights, bus rides, and train rides. Actuall ...
28-10-2016 03:36

Ten things to do in Siem Reap Cambodia

Ten Things to do in Siem Reap Cambodia Whenever I think of Siem Reap and Cambodia, it is the image of a tuk tuk that comes to my mind. It is not the g ...
28-10-2016 03:37

All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Day and Halloween- 2016

In past years they lit up the Globe arena as a jack \'o lantern. ...
28-10-2016 03:33

Where To Stay In Ziro Valley"

I have been writing about Ziro valley of Arunachal Pradesh. It?s time I talk about the best places to stay in Ziro. I?d like to mention that though th ...
28-10-2016 03:33

A perfect Cape Town weekend.

What constitutes a perfect weekend in the Mother City you may ask" There are endless options we could give, some may even include just two words: beac ...
28-10-2016 03:37

The Vikings of Patagonia

When overseas visitors make their way south to Patagonia, they assume spectacular landscapes and unfamiliar wildlife, but they?re only rarely thinking ...
28-10-2016 03:33

Family travel snap: Lonely Planet writer, Mara Vorhees

We’re on an adrenaline-rush this month as long-time Lonely Planet writer and mother to twin boys Mara Vorhees takes her family zip-lining in Belize. ...
28-10-2016 03:36

From Budapest with Love: our perfect weekend in the Hungaria

Sliced in two by the Danube, Budapest has something of a split personality. Here\'s our guide to make the most of both. The post From Budapest with ...
28-10-2016 03:36

Where to Get the Best Views of Cape Town

I?ve always had a bit of an obsession with aerial views. I?m the grown adult who always selects a window seat on a plane and I could spend hours look ...
28-10-2016 03:37

Lonely Planet Kids: photo competition winners

The results are in! Lonely Planet Kids are very excited to share with you the winners and runners-up from our recent photo competition. There were two ...
28-10-2016 03:36

Happy Halloween: Welcome to world?s most Haunted hang-outs!

It?s close to midnight and something evil?s lurking in the dark? It?s our Halloween hang-out blog! Hopefully you aren?t spending Halloween in one of t ...
28-10-2016 03:36

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

Attaining (and maintaining) work-life balance for frequent travelers is easier said than done. But attaining work-life balance during the holidays bal ...
28-10-2016 03:36

A Purrfect Afternoon Tea at London’s First Cat Cafe

Going for High Tea is one of those quintessential English experiences – the little teapot, the tiny sandwiches, the scones with jam and clotted crea ...
27-10-2016 03:40

State of the Savage: October 2016

In the midst of grinding through my novel\'s fourth draft it seems I missed last month\'s State of the Savage. That was a fortunate oversight, for thi ...
27-10-2016 03:39

Flickr challenge: ?Guide? theme results

Did you know we run a weekly Flickr challenge" Every Tuesday we ask talented travel photographers to submit their best image to fit a chosen word or p ...
27-10-2016 03:40

Khajuraho - Forms of Vishnu

I have written about the temples of Khajuraho, and as the philosophy behind them. Yet, there is so much more to see and appreciate, so let me show you ...
27-10-2016 03:40

A foodie’s guide to Portland, USA

If you?re the kind of traveller that enjoys drowning your taste buds in every imaginable option when you visit a new city, read on... The post A food ...
26-10-2016 03:38

Just another day in WA…

It’s time to delve into the unexplored West Coast of Australia. WA is a world away from the well-trodden path of the East Coast, with its untouched ...
26-10-2016 03:38

Serbia: The Zemun Waterfront Boulevard and the Toilet with M

I had my last meal in the country here in Zemun. My lunch was in this quite peculiar setting ? on a boat. You can see pictures and read the blog post ...
26-10-2016 03:36

Plan, Map & Share Your Travels with ShutterBee

For all you adventurers out there, jumping from place to place, logging your travels and exploring new areas virtually can become an obsession. The po ...
26-10-2016 03:40

Ghost Adventures: Murder House Investigation

Zak explains the upcoming investigation at the Dorothea Puente house. Get more Ghost Adventures here: ...
25-10-2016 03:38

Lady Reveals the Prettiest Streets in London

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love photographing London’s side streets. From the mews in Kensington to the cobbled lanes in Ha ...
25-10-2016 03:37

6 Reasons why you should visit North East India

India is one of the world?s most exotic, fascinating and captivating travel destinations and while famous iconic sights like the Taj Mahal, forts and ...
25-10-2016 03:38

Book Giveaway: From One Expert to Another

Wine writer Jancis Robinson is known for big books, such as the 912-page Oxford Companion to Wine (currently in its fourth, much-revised editi ...
25-10-2016 03:34

Khajuraho - The Temple as Cosmos

The temples at Khajuraho are, at once, awe-inspiring by their size and architectural splendour; and overwhelming by the profusion and intricacy of the ...
25-10-2016 03:37

How to Save Money in Reykjavik

I?ve walked Reykjavik?s main shopping street many times before. There?s not a day that goes by when I visit the city that I don?t end up there someho ...
25-10-2016 03:37

Denver’s Union Station is a throwback to the golden ag

Conveniently located in downtown, Denver’s Union Station recently underwent an extensive remodel that merged classic style with modern amenities.  T ...
25-10-2016 03:34

Food Paradise: Cincy Chili Spaghetti

No matter if you get it 3-, 4- or 5-way, Cincinnati chili is always delicious. Get more Food Paradise here: ...
25-10-2016 03:38

The ?Apatani? World Of Ziro (Part Two)

I showcased the village ?Hong? in my previous post. In this post, I?m going to take you to another charming village named ?Hija?. Although all Apatani ...
25-10-2016 03:34

8 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to Wales

When most people (and especially most Americans) plan their first trip to the UK, a handful of destinations usually end up on their itinerary: London, ...
25-10-2016 03:37

Just back from… Rome

Amanda, thankfully battling tourists rather than Gladiators at the Colosseum © Amanda McCadams Amanda McCadams, Front End Developer at Lonely Planet, ...
25-10-2016 03:37

10 Reasons to Plan a Family Dude Ranch Vacation

“Mom, I know we have been to some amazing places and those trips have all been great, but this was the best trip ever.” And with that, Hannah put ...
25-10-2016 03:37

California?s Top Haunted Hotels

With Halloween approaching it\'s hard to not believe in the paranormal, so we went out in search of the most legendary haunted hotels in California. T ...
25-10-2016 03:38

The Spirit Mediums of Vietnam | Talks In Hanoi

I\'ve been extraordinarily busy these past few weeks setting up three photo talks in Hanoi. These are scheduled for November 5, 11, and 12 at well kno ...
24-10-2016 03:33

Why Kanazawa is the best kind of cliche

This is one hidden gem that\'s definitely worth seeking out. The post Why Kanazawa is the best kind of cliche appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog ...
24-10-2016 03:38

Zemun, Serbia: Lunch on the Stari Slep Boat

Not too far away from Belgrade city is the seaside town of Zemun. The town is officially part of the greater Belgrade area and is about 15 minutes dri ...
24-10-2016 03:37

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Patagonia, South America

Rugged mountains surrounded by dense forests, magnificent glaciers and cascading waterfalls are just a few of the inspiring natural wonders waiting fo ...
22-10-2016 03:40

Overview: Christmas in Stockholm 2016

It might seem a bit early, but I am already receiving many questions regarding the holiday season... so this should be timely information for many. On ...
22-10-2016 03:35

Our Favourite Luxury Accommodation in Mauritius

Earlier this year, our blog had the awesome privilege of visiting the grand Indian ocean island of Mauritius. We?ve written about the best time to vis ...
22-10-2016 03:40

Bright Lights, Big City: 9 Things to do in London at Christ

So you?ve booked your dream trip to Europe and you?re gonna be hitting London in December. There?s arguably no better time to visit the UK?s capital t ...
22-10-2016 03:38

The ?Apatani? World Of Ziro (Part One)

Ziro looks sublime. My first stop in Arunachal Pradesh! You can linger here for days with no thought of returning home. I?m happy that I got to explor ...
22-10-2016 03:36

Interested in a Travel Career" Here?s What You Need to

Traveling the world, plenty of flight upgrades, sipping mai-tais on the beach?this is the impression many people have of those who have made travel th ...
21-10-2016 03:36

Lady’s Perfect Carry-on Bag for Your Travels

Last month I wrote about how to travel with just a carry-on. I was impressed by how many of you shared your tips in the comments section (thank you!), ...
21-10-2016 03:37

Flickr challenge: ?Forever? theme results

Every week we challenge travel photographers to enter their best image for a specific theme. Our community on Flickr then has a week to vote for their ...
20-10-2016 03:39

Hijabi: An American-born Muslim Woman's Struggle with Identi

A woman rocks a hijabIt\'s no secret I teach high school social sciences; covering subjects like history, politics, sociology, and geography. This yea ...
20-10-2016 03:36

The Best of Bergen – What to do in Norway’s Most

I\'ll never forget driving into the town centre of Bergen, Norway for the first time. Colourful buildings, old world architecture and the mountainous ...
20-10-2016 03:40

Strolling Around Applecross House

The Applecross Peninsula in northwest Scotland is a terrestrial dream. It\'s the perfect place to go on a long drive and stop to admire the breath-tak ...
20-10-2016 03:39

A Taste of Alsace in Strasbourg and Colmar

If there?s any country that I visit often but need to explore in more depth, it?s France. Again and again I overlook other regions in France in favor ...
20-10-2016 03:39

Arkie the Cat

At Sunset Shores RV Park, Willis, Texas...This is an unabashedly feelgood story involving some good friends of ours, Steve and Jackie, who are also fu ...
19-10-2016 03:35


When people think of Peru they inevitably picture Machu Picchu ? it?s hard not to. The World Heritage Site attracts thousands of tourists every year ...
19-10-2016 03:38

Netherlands: Let ?The Hague? Pictures Do The Talking

These pictures were taken last August during a warm summer day. The Hague (Den Haag) is the political capital, the seat of government of the Netherlan ...
19-10-2016 03:36

Welcome to the most electrical place on earth

This place has the highest concentration of lightning per square kilometer anywhere on the planet, which is a double-edged honour, when you think abo ...
19-10-2016 03:38

5 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Job to Travel

With so many articles advising others to quit their job to travel full-time, we think it\'s important to note that it\'s not the only option. The post ...
19-10-2016 03:39

Just back from… Orkney, Scotland

Heading into the depths of a Stone Age tomb… on a small trolley on wheels © James Kay James Kay, Editor at Lonely Planet, recently returned from a t ...
19-10-2016 03:38

The Ultimate Business Travel Checklist

Suit, check. Laptop, check. Phone, check. If you?re a business traveler, you probably have your packing list down to a science. Yet there are some tan ...
19-10-2016 03:38

My Ultimate Guide to Sri Lanka: Tips, Costs, Itineraries, an

Sri Lanka ? a jewel?shaped country in the Indian Ocean ? was an unexpected surprise. I loved every bit of it: the verdant landscape, the delicious fo ...
19-10-2016 03:38

These extraordinary women just climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for hu

Ready to feel inspired" The post These extraordinary women just climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for human rights appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog. ...
19-10-2016 03:38

Ways to Save Time and Money when Traveling This Holiday Seas

Planes, Trains and Automobiles. That movie was Dave\'s favourite when we first met in 1991! Who could resist the lovable John Candy getting up to all ...
18-10-2016 03:38

The Magnificent Temples of Khajuraho - Looking beyond the er

Jaws dropped in astonishment when I announced that I was taking my 12 year old son to Khajuraho. A barrage of questions followed. ?Are you sure"? ?Isn ...
18-10-2016 03:37

Family-friendly Luxury by Disney World for Under $150 Per Ni

It is no secret that a family trip to Disney World is expensive. There are a million articles out there about how to save money on a trip to Disney, l ...
18-10-2016 03:37

Ghost Adventures: Something Really, Really Bad

The crew has tough time starting their investigation in Reseda, California. Get more Ghost Adventures here: ...
18-10-2016 03:38

The Badlands

Today we drove to the Badlands and took in this stark and beautiful place. The visitors center was our first stop and we learned a brief history of th ...
18-10-2016 03:34

Teenage Cancer Trust & STA Travel: Supporting Young Peo

At STA Travel, we help millions of young travellers explore the world each year. Yet every day in the UK, around seven young people aged between 13 an ...
18-10-2016 03:37

Netherlands: The New Den Haag Centraal Station

Continuing the blog post inspiration on architecture and design is this entry about the new and futuristic Den Haag Centraal Station (The Hague Centra ...
18-10-2016 03:35

Five toy towns of India

Arts and Crafts of India I have always been fascinated by arts and crafts of India and I like to bring home a handicraft from every place I visit, esp ...
18-10-2016 03:38

Hiking the Highline Trail at Glacier National Park

I miss Glacier National Park so much – especially the Highline Trail. I can’t wait to go back to Glacier to do all the things I loved over a ...
18-10-2016 03:35

From Badlands to Wall Drug

What" We were in the area so we had to go to Wall Drug!First here are some panorama shots and other pictures that I took of the Badlands on my phone. ...
18-10-2016 03:34

Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations: Milwaukee Fish Fry

Enjoying a fish fry on Friday night is a Milwaukee tradition. Browse galleries, watch full episodes and more: ...
18-10-2016 03:38

Lady’s 5 Places that Will Make You Want to Visit the S

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Scotland lately. I’ve alluded to it here and there, but today I want to come clean. I’ve fallen in love, you ...
18-10-2016 03:37

Got a Cool Shirt!

We took a little drive out to Sturgis. It was probably not the best time to visit; Sunday, October, middle of a big main street repair project. We wer ...
18-10-2016 03:34

Cheapflights Explorers do George!

Spending 90% of my childhood holidays camping in South Africa’s George and the Wilderness, I can honestly say that I thought I knew everything there ...
18-10-2016 03:38

Belgrade, Serbia: Surreal ?Cevapi and Sarma? Dining at Loren

I am a self-confessed foodie, but I am more the type who likes to eat than to cook up a storm in the kitchen though. However, I am also a self-confess ...
17-10-2016 03:36

Netherlands: The Pyramids (De Piramides) in Amsterdam West

A modern day apartment inspired by the ancient pyramids in Egypt and the 17th century Dutch step gable architecture.This area where the building stand ...
17-10-2016 03:36

Why everyone is talking about Iceland right now

How one of the world\'s smallest, coldest countries became a tourism powerhouse. The post Why everyone is talking about Iceland right now appeared fi ...
17-10-2016 03:38

You Really Have to Be There

We were up early and on the road with our sights on Jewel Cave National Monument. An early arrival was very important because we had stopped there the ...
16-10-2016 03:39

Belgrade, Serbia: Skardalija Bohemian Quarter, a Secret Bar

So I had some free time in the afternoon to wander around a popular quarter in Belgrade old town known for its Bohemian setting and lifestyle ? Skarda ...
16-10-2016 03:41


Our next day?s exploration took us to Deadwood and then on to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Deadwood turned out to be a bit of a bust, it is mostly saloon ...
15-10-2016 03:34

Zanzibar with a baby

So it?s safe to say that our days of going off-the-grid are on hold. In fact they?ve been replaced with resort holidays- ones where you don?t leave yo ...
15-10-2016 03:39


What do you think of when you picture a tour" A massive group of people with matching hats following a big umbrella around. Well you couldn?t be more ...
15-10-2016 03:37

Lady’s Places to Love in London’s Soho

You can’t get more central than Soho. Right smack in the middle of London, the buzzing atmosphere and non-stop entertainment put it squarely in the ...
15-10-2016 03:37

Top Places to Visit in Cambodia

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Direct Travel UKThe excitement and nervousness can be felt by anyone travelling to a new destin ...
15-10-2016 03:39

Mount Rushmore and More!

We are staying in Bluebell Campground for the next four nights. In that time we drove to as many tourist areas that we could. Here is a bit of a round ...
15-10-2016 03:34

Types of holidays to consider for 2017

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Imagine CruisingPlanning a holiday can be difficult. Not only do you need to find a destination ...
15-10-2016 03:39

10 Best Honeymoon Worthy Asian Destinations

10 Best Honeymoon Worthy Asian DestinationsMaldivesThe Maldives is a tropical paradise surrounded with pristine beaches. It is a very known place for ...
15-10-2016 03:35

#FeatureFriday of YOUR Instagram snaps!

You’ve made it! It’s FRIDAAAAAAAAY! Thank God. To celebrate we’ve selected some of our favourite travel snaps from our Instagram followers. Feas ...
15-10-2016 03:37

North Pole Romantic Travel

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Poseidon Expeditions St. Valentine?s day North Pole Romantic Cruise. Introduce your love to th ...
14-10-2016 03:37

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Postcard Perfect Asos in Kefalonia (Greece)

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This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers

This new technology is set to obliterate lang...

Not a drill. It sits in your ear and translates conversation in real time. Either the world is being punked...or the future is now. The post This new technology is set to obliterate language barriers appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog. -
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My Food Trail In Kashmir

I?d like to admit that though I am a foodie, my love for food takes a backseat on my travels. Until a year ago, I didn?t focus too much on food. I just ate when I was hungry and I usually stuck to my own kind of food. But, when I wrote 9 Travel... -
Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Election Protection with JetBlue Airlines

Has the election coverage left you discouraged" Have you been... -
The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Photo by L. O. MMy first visit to the Blue Mountains was a decade ago on my first trip to Australia. I remember several things about that trip to the mountains. My relatives from Australia and I seemed to be the only visitor there that day. We... -
Last Rites and Blossoms at the Noorderveld

Last Rites and Blossoms at the Noorderveld

Three months ago I attended a family interment. It?s one of those bleak events in our lives that we do not really want to go through, but eventually, we all have to, one way or another. It is inevitable. There were so many things running in my head... -
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Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

Head?s up everyone, the summer is fast approaching and it?s time to start making some travel plans. You?ve got the student perks of a long summer vacation, combined with our exclusive Student Flight deals. So, no excuses! Forget the destination you... -
5 more tips for actually packing light

5 more tips for actually packing light

We’re big believes in just bringing carry-on sized backpacks, no matter how long we travel. Packing that light can take some getting used to, but it’s very much worth it.  1. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. A small number of shirts,... -
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Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His St...

The year?s almost over, but don?t let it pass by... -
Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road,... -

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