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Stuff You Should Know About: February 2017

Welcome to ?Stuff You Should Know About? ? a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don?t really fit in anywher ...
28-02-2017 16:09

Enjoy a Family-friendly Mardi Gras in Panama City, Florida

What do you think of when you hear Mardi Gras" Beads, beers, and breasts" I’m not sure about you but that is not my scene. My one experience in New ...
28-02-2017 16:09

A little France in the heart of Iceland: Fáskrúðsfjörður

Hafnarnes, a small village of fishermen settled there in the early twentieth century. In the sixties, many fishermen left the fishing scene, and the h ...
28-02-2017 16:06

Top 10 Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the most populous cities in the world with a population of about 24 million as of 2014. The city has been dubbed the ?showpiece? of the ev ...
28-02-2017 16:09

An Evening in Cologne: Grievances and Dinner at the Glashaus

My love for food is real that each year my girth is growing arrogantly. How spectacular is that" Not.Perhaps too blunt for an introduction of a blog e ...
28-02-2017 16:06
28-02-2017 16:05

10 Incredible Things To Do in Mexico?s Yucatán Peninsula

Whether it\'s Mayan ruins, enchanting cenotes, or coral reef snorkeling that draws you here, the Yucatán Peninsula is sure to please any type of trave ...
28-02-2017 16:09

Random Street Photography in Cologne, Germany

These pictures were taken last year on the 1st of September.A new month just kicks in, bringing autumn closer, but on this 1st day of September, the w ...
28-02-2017 16:06

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

After a 23-hour flight (including layover in Hongkong and Singapore), I landed  in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, but did not get into our hote ...
28-02-2017 16:06

Lady’s Lovely Stratford-upon-Avon Video

Video time! I had such a great weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon that I want to share a bit more about it. As such, today I bring you a Stratford-upon-Av ...
27-02-2017 16:08

Where to Stay in Reykjavik and Iceland with Kids

Inexpensive airfares from WOW and other airlines make planning a family trip to Iceland very enticing. But it is important to realize that once you ge ...
27-02-2017 16:08

Visit the landscape of "Independent People": Vopna

Vopnafjörður is a bay and small village in the northeast of Iceland, located halfway between Þórshöfn, Egilsstadir and Kolbeinstangi Peninsula. 700 pe ...
27-02-2017 16:06

Oscar inspired travel destinations for 2017

It’s often said that movies transport you to another world, but it’s even better if that world is an inspiring travel destination in its own right ...
26-02-2017 16:07
26-02-2017 16:02

Find out your family travel personality…take the quiz!

Just as every family is different, they also have different travel personalities. Some families love museums and architecture, others like hiking and ...
26-02-2017 16:08

Stockholm Restaurants in the Michelin Guide 2017

Press image from Michelin.It was a mix bag when the Michelin Nordic Guide 2017 was announced the other day... both happy and sad news for Stockholm. T ...
25-02-2017 16:05

Cologne, Germany: WDR ?Funkhaus? ? Chic Café near the Train

The city of Cologne is not the most prettiest in the country, I must admit. It is also not the city with many trendy and stylish cafes that you can ea ...
25-02-2017 16:06

Surf’s up, drink up: the best bars in Surfers Paradise

Here at STA Travel, we understand that when it comes to drinking (responsibly, of course) there are usually four different types of ?sessions? you cou ...
25-02-2017 16:08

Netherlands: Beautiful Photos of Utrecht Last Summer 2016

These pictures of Utrecht were taken last summer?I never tire taking pictures. Sometimes I wish I get tired of this hobby, but it seems that the more ...
25-02-2017 16:06

Three ancient castles overlook this quiet Swiss town

Bellinzona, Switzerland, isn’t on the radar of many travelers, but its three medieval castles are definitely worth a stop.  We found Bellinzona by a ...
25-02-2017 16:06

The jewel Gerpir - A paradise for hiking in Iceland

Neskaupstaður is a town in East Iceland, located in the fjord Nordfjordur, with 1500 inhabitants. When you visit this town in Karlsstaðir, it is possi ...
24-02-2017 16:05


Seven days and counting. We enter that time of the year when everyone is asking "When are you leaving"" It\'s a time when last minute dinner gathering ...
24-02-2017 16:05

Home Security & Maintenance Tools for Frequent Traveler

When you travel frequently, it?s hard not to worry about what?s happening at home while you?re on the road. No one wants to be pre-occupied with the s ...
24-02-2017 16:06

Why Swellendam should be on your adventure travel list.

At 5pm, the air is still heavy with the day?s 30 degree heat. With wind-swept tears running from my eyes and white-knuckled clutching of my iphone, I ...
24-02-2017 16:07

Meet the Leaders: Judy, Bahamas sailing skipper

This week we\'re proud to introduce our very first female sailing skipper, Judy. She\'ll be skippering our sailing trips in the Bahamas (it\'s a tough ...
24-02-2017 16:07

Pictures of Westerpark Neighbourhood in Amsterdam

I will be missing this area of Amsterdam...The pictures in this blog post gallery were taken last year late summer and early autumn during an afternoo ...
24-02-2017 16:05

How to Visit Malta on a Budget

For centuries, the Maltese archipelago passed between North African Moors and European Crusaders in an epic struggle for control of this important hu ...
23-02-2017 16:08

Family travel snap: Lee Jones, Lonely Planet?s Web Operation

Our travel snap this month takes us on a family bike ride in San Francisco, a fitting end to a two-week long road-trip through California. Based in Na ...
23-02-2017 16:08

13 Things to Do in Slovakia

In case you haven\'t visited Slovakia yet, add it to your bucket list immediately. It is becoming a popular tourist destination and the reason is simp ...
23-02-2017 16:09

Where to Stay in Barcelona ? Best Neighborhoods and Accommod

Where’s the best place to stay in Barcelona" I called in the experts! After writing my Where to Stay in Paris post, I was inundated with re ...
23-02-2017 16:08

A Perfect 10-Day Southwest Road Trip Itinerary

If you ask me about the best way to explore the United States, I won’t hesitate to say a road trip. Road tripping is by far the best way to experien ...
23-02-2017 16:08

State of the Savage: February 2017

I hope you\'ll excuse this detour from distillery month, but I felt the regularly scheduled State of the Savage was both timely and welcome for those ...
23-02-2017 16:08

Lady’s Weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon

I know I’m in Stratford-upon-Avon as soon as I see the swans. Their white feathers glide back and forth as canal boats motor under bridges and past ...
23-02-2017 16:08

Temples of Bhubaneshwar ? a photo feature

Temples of Bhubaneshwar  While many associate Odisha with the Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Sun Temple at Konark, not many travellers are awar ...
23-02-2017 16:09

Eating spiders in Cambodia. Gimmick or gourmet"

Unlike the humble cricket, spiders aren\'t a common snack anywhere but have become associated with Cambodian (Khmer) food because of their media value ...
23-02-2017 16:08

Museum Village of Orvelte in Drenthe, Netherlands

Apart from the famous museum village ?Zaanse Schans? near Amsterdam ? which is the most popular day trip destination (including Volendam) for all tour ...
23-02-2017 16:07

Silversea Cruises: 10% off Asia on the Silver Shadow (July

Silversea Cruises is offering a full 10% discount on your Silver Shadow July 2017 - December 2018 cruise in Asia if you book and pay in full by Februa ...
22-02-2017 16:06

8 Incredibly Safe Island Destinations for Solo Travelers

With solo travel on the rise and the current wet, winter weather North America has been experiencing, a solitary summer trip might be in order. The po ...
22-02-2017 16:09

Shinya Arimoto | Portraits of Tibet

Photo © Shinya Arimoto - All Rights ReservedI don\'t think I\'ve featured the work of a Japanese photographer on The Travel Photographer blog before, ...
22-02-2017 16:02

Here’s what to see on the drive between Los Angeles an

One of the world’s best-known road trips is filled with ruins, art, and stunning natural beauty.  A friend recently asked me what there was to do on ...
22-02-2017 16:05

Settling Down in the RGV Plus a Good Deal on Strongback Chai

At Llano Grande Lake RV Resort, Mercedes, Texas...It didn\'t take long for us to begin reconnecting with RVing friends, many of whom make their home h ...
22-02-2017 16:05
22-02-2017 16:08

7 underrated cities you should visit in Europe

If you\'re fed up of Paris and London stealing the limelight, check out these cities that won\'t be under the radar for long. The post 7 underrated ci ...
22-02-2017 16:08

The Camping Gem of Cayo Costa Island

northern most end of Cayo CostaIf you moved to Miami as a young adult, chances are you were partly drawn here for the same reasons I was.  Sun, fun, ...
22-02-2017 16:05

Restaurant Barobao

Back from vacation and I thought I would start with a restaurant recommendation. This time it is a restaurant in the Rival Hotel\'s neighbourhood call ...
22-02-2017 16:05

An Insider?s Guide to the Denver Airport

We?re probably not telling you anything you don?t already know when we say ?going to the airport? isn?t exactly on everyone?s bucket list. But just li ...
22-02-2017 16:08

GUEST BLOG: Do travel risk management programmes adequately

Since launching our latest animations that provide travel safety tips for Women and LGBT travellers we seem to have stumbled into an area of travel ri ...
21-02-2017 16:05

VIDEO: Svalbard ? when a book inspires a journey

In the footsteps of Lyra and Pan around Svalbard, the kingdom of the ice bears The post VIDEO: Svalbard – when a book inspires a journey appeare ...
21-02-2017 16:09

What it’s like to safari in Ngorongoro Crater

From the windy lookout point, Ngorongoro Crater isn?t quite what I expected. Under the gloomy sky the crater floor looks bleached and barren, smeared ...
21-02-2017 16:07

How to survive an airport stopover

Being stranded at an airport is like being stuck on a cities? front doorstep. A doorstep full of cheap fast food, uncomfortable chairs and far too muc ...
20-02-2017 16:07

Lady’s 7 Lovely Reasons to Explore Notting Hill

When I think of my favorite London neighborhoods, Notting Hill always comes to mind. The area offers the perfect mix of everything I love about London ...
20-02-2017 16:07

Netherlands: Haunts of the Past at the Westerbork Camp

Last year around March I did a road trip in the province of Drenthe in the north eastern part of the Netherlands. It was the last province in the coun ...
20-02-2017 16:06

In conversation with? Mel Gargagliano, Bank of America Merri

In conversation with? Mel Gargagliano, head of EMEA Commercial Cards, Global Transaction Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch1.     Why is the ...
20-02-2017 16:05

POV : Photojournalism's Uncertain Future

The New York Times recently featured two articles concerning the future of photojournalism, through interviews with Donald R. Winslow (editor of the N ...
20-02-2017 16:02

23 Reader Questions. 23 Attempted Answers.

Not every issue needs a long, drawn-out blog post to answer, so I like taking your questions now and then and helping solve some travel problems. So ...
20-02-2017 16:07

The 5 best beaches in the Middle East

We\'re betting when you think beaches, you don\'t think Egypt, Israel and Oman. Maybe it\'s time to change that... The post The 5 best beaches in the ...
20-02-2017 16:07

Just back from… Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Gabrielle went on a quest to discover the best in Italian cuisine © Gabrille Jaffe Gabrielle Jaffe, Contributing Editor for Lonely Planet Traveller ma ...
20-02-2017 16:07

In an Interview, I reflect on five years of Jewish Heritage

Me at the ruined Great Synagogue in Kalvarija, Lithuania, the town my great-grandparents came from. Photo: Samuel D. GruberFebruary 2017 marks the fif ...
20-02-2017 16:05

6 Tips to Make the Most of your New York City Photography

New York City is a complicated place to photograph. On one hand, it is one of the grandest, most awe-inspiring, fastest moving, and most diverse locat ...
20-02-2017 16:07

How to Plan Your First Walt Disney World Vacation

Today’s guest post is written by Jen Leguizamo. Jen is an amateur writer, travel enthusiast, and Disney fanatic. In addition to her day job as a pro ...
20-02-2017 16:07

Painting Workshops in Provence in 2017

Many of my readers and clients ask about painting.. ...
20-02-2017 16:05

Top 10 Hotels in Cebu Philippines

Cebu offers a gateway into the Philippines and is a great alternative to the chaotic Manila. You can connect onto other amazing places such Palawan, B ...
19-02-2017 16:06

Seven frequently asked questions on travel blogging

Travel Blogging for beginners – How to get paid for travel blogging " I had promised earlier this month that I would answer any question re ...
19-02-2017 16:07

On Taipei?s Streets: Pork Dumpling & Sticky Rice + Glass Noo

Taiwan is famous for its street food and people swear that they come here just to eat.I have eaten a few street foods in Taipei and so far these are t ...
19-02-2017 16:05

The World Can Learn From Taiwan On Proper Metro Etiquette

The world indeed would be a much better place if people just try to give a little back to society in the form of social etiquette. Like as simple as q ...
18-02-2017 16:06

China - Xi An : Famen Temple ???

Xi An - Sep 2015On our very last day in Xi An, we decided to pay a visit to Famen Temple which is the no. 2 Cultural Symbol of Shaanxi" - second only ...
18-02-2017 16:06

Singapore - Japan Rail Cafe

Japan Rail Cafe in Singapore!I have been Shizuoka Prefecture two May ago for their Fuji Shibazakura festival. The next time I go back there is to hik ...
18-02-2017 16:06

Finger Food for All! Eating on the Go in Argentina and Chile

Whenever I?m in southernmost South America, my end-of-the-day ritual is sitting down to a good meal?after spending most of my daylight hours in the es ...
18-02-2017 16:06

Boston Airport: What to Do, Eat & Drink in BOS

We?re probably not telling you anything you don?t already know when we say ?going to the airport? isn?t exactly on everyone?s bucket list. But just li ...
17-02-2017 16:07

Welcome to the Seabourn Encore - Is it YOUR Luxury"

Over the past weeks I have written extensively about the Seabourn Encore including many of her details (and there are a few more articles to come). Ho ...
17-02-2017 16:05

Petrol stations in Iceland. Useful tips

Since the economic crisis in Iceland in 2008 when the value of the Icelandic money weakened, Iceland became a more affordable place for travelers, pus ...
17-02-2017 16:05

Big Island Hawaii Travel Guide & Packing Tips

Our in-depth travel guide includes suggestions on what to do, where to stay, what to pack, and the best time to visit the Big Island of Hawaii. The po ...
17-02-2017 16:07

Taipei, Taiwan: Visiting the Longshan Temple in Wanhua Distr

Wanhua is the oldest district in Taipei. This is the ?Old Taipei? of the city and this also means that the oldest buildings and temples are located he ...
17-02-2017 16:05

Seabourn's Alaska- On Sale PLUS Goldring Travel Added Amenit

2017 marks Seabourn\'s return to Alaska, but Seabourn hasn\'t exactly been the best at marketing what makes experiencing Alaska on a Seabourn cruise s ...
17-02-2017 16:05


Shaun Hinds, Managing Director, EMEA & APAC, Bridgestreet is taking part in a panel session at 1000 on Wednesday, 22 February at the Business Trave ...
17-02-2017 16:05

Travel quiz: March edition

This month’s quiz tackles a range of special subjects: music, cuisine, wildlife and even finance ? all with a travel twist. See how many you can an ...
17-02-2017 16:07

Barrels of Silver and Gold: Old Pulteney by the Sea

Over the last couple of weeks I\'ve written about Strathearn Distillery and Wolfburn Distillery, and I\'m continuing distillery month with a look at a ...
16-02-2017 16:08

Thomas Keller's The Grill on Seabourn vs. Thomas Keller's Bo

After disembarking the Seabourn Encore\'s Inaugural Cruise last month and returned to my home in Lake Tahoe, California...only 3 hours from Yountville ...
16-02-2017 16:06


The notion of travelling for work, on paper, might appear to have the potential to unlock a veritable Pandora?s Box of exciting experiences. However, ...
16-02-2017 16:06

Train Travel in India – Tips for Navigating the Indian

Train travel in India can be intimidating. It can be confusing to navigate the Indian Railway system, but once you figure it out, it isn?t so bad at a ...
16-02-2017 16:09

How to travel across Europe for almost nothing

Rental companies that need to relocate vehicles will let people take them almost for free. (Scroll down for the quick FAQ.) Laura and I recently retur ...
16-02-2017 16:06

GUEST BLOG: Travel Risk Management: Sick and Abroad

The following anecdotal blog is written from the perspective of an experienced business and leisure traveller. This blog shows in the importance of a ...
16-02-2017 16:06

Lady’s 15 Places that Will Make You Fall in Love with

I was struck by something when I traveled to Washington, D.C. last month. Going through the museums, I noticed that the (European) history of the Unit ...
16-02-2017 16:08

Visit Hauganes - Silence and relax in Iceland

It was a surprise for me to see the small village Hauganes following me on Twitter and starting its promotion as a tourist destination. I passed by Ha ...
16-02-2017 16:06

POV: NYC's Asia Society & The Age of Ignorance

Readers and followers of The Travel Photographer blog are probably well aware of my immense disappointment at the inertia demonstrated by the Asia Soc ...
16-02-2017 16:02

A Peek Inside My Camera Bag: My Favorite Travel Photography

This post includes a giveaway of a GoPro HERO Session (scroll down to enter!), which is being brought to you by Retale, an app that delivers in-store ...
16-02-2017 16:08

Announcing My 2017 Group Tours!!

Last year, I took a break from running tours. There was a lot going on behind the scenes, too many friends got married, and a lot of personal things I ...
16-02-2017 16:08

Taipei: A Quirky ?Toilet Dinner? at Modern Toilet Restaurant

Most people would have probably read about the famous Modern Toilet Restaurants online or have seen it one way or another whilst visiting Taiwan, howe ...
16-02-2017 16:06

In Conversation With... Daniel Price, Commercial Director, C

Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.This session explores the fast changing world of on-demand mobility solutions that businesses ig ...
15-02-2017 16:08

ATV Tour in South Iceland with Arcanum Glacier Tours

There is no shortage of adventures to be had in Iceland — buggy tours, ATV tours Iceland, and even ice climbing. On our recent visit to Iceland, we ...
15-02-2017 16:10

Whale watching in Reykjavik! A few tips

Iceland is an ideal destination for observing whales. Iceland\'s cold waters are conducive to a vast and varied marine life. Whale watching usually ha ...
15-02-2017 16:08

My Hotel in Taipei (Tango Inn Taipei Ximen) and Hotel Room P

Hotel rooms are very similar to commodity goods and capital stocks. They start with a baseline price or a rack rate as they call it in the hotel indus ...
15-02-2017 16:08


Kevin Iwamoto is taking part in a panel session at 1000 on Thursday 23 February at the Business Travel Show: How travel managers can raise their prof ...
15-02-2017 16:08

Tips for Achieving Healthy Travel in 2017

It?s that time of the year when most of us vow to lose those holiday pounds and start getting ready for swimsuit season. Staying healthy when we trave ...
15-02-2017 16:10

29 Romantic Getaways on 6 Continents

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around." It used to be that everyone had the February blues with no extra day off from work in sight. Since the ...
15-02-2017 16:11

GUEST BLOG: A Duty of Care ? getting the basics right, in an

Duty of care has never been more important than it is today: not only is business travel on the rise, but so too are the apparent dangers that travele ...
15-02-2017 16:08

Photoblog: Varanasi as you’ve never seen it before

We go on a journey through India\'s most photogenic city with one of the best photographer in the country: Pravin Tamang. The post Photoblog: Varanasi ...
15-02-2017 16:10

11 reasons to visit the Gold Coast

Hanging out on the beach all day getting your tan on, or grabbing a surfboard and hitting the waves ? this is the epitome of the Australian dream. One ...
15-02-2017 16:10

GUEST BLOG: There is a gender-specific conversation to be ha

Employers are having more pressure put on them to provide adequate duty of care for their business travellers, which applies whether travel is domesti ...
14-02-2017 16:08

Venice ? The City Of Love (In 30 Photos)

Love, if it could be personified, it has to be Venice and only Venice. The cliched idea that it?s one of the most romantic cities in the world is abso ...
14-02-2017 16:08

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Postcard Perfect Asos in Kefalonia (Greece)

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This new technology is set to obliterate lang...

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Has the election coverage left you discouraged" Have you been... -
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Top 6 Alternative Destinations for 2016!

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5 more tips for actually packing light

5 more tips for actually packing light

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Wild Man Walking: 'Mysteries' Unravels His St...

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Lesbian Travel: 4 Things To Know

I?ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our travel community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road,... -

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