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8 things to do in Jordan that aren’t Petra or the Dead

Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea...Jordan\'s biggest attractions are well worth a visit. But what else should you do while you\'re there" Here\'s 8 aweso...
23-08-2017 16:12

A guide to scoping out Berlin’s street art scene

Since the demolition of the city?s most famous landmark, the Berlin Wall, street art has spread across the city like wildfire. Here\'s where to find i...
23-08-2017 16:12

More than Machu Picchu: 5 of Peru’s other amazing expe

Proud indigenous tribes, beautiful colonial cities, great surf and fantastic hiking: here\'s what we love about Peru, beyond just Machu Picchu. The po...
22-08-2017 16:09

A love letter to Havana, a city that taught me so much

There have been many stories written already about La Habana. Mine probably isn?t all that different, except that I?ll start with the ending. The post...
22-08-2017 16:09

A walk in the wild: one traveller’s hike through Ethio

The intriguing stories of Rastafarianism and the origins of humanity, unusual wildlife and the call of the Simien Mountains proved too enticing to ign...
21-08-2017 16:11

8 beaches in Vietnam you have to visit

The best beaches in Vietnam ? all turquoise waters and white-sand wonders ? are destinations you don\'t want to miss. Here are a few of our favorites....
21-08-2017 16:11

Navigating Singapore’s hawker markets

Hawker markets are iconic to Singapore for good reason. The food is good ? and cheap ? and showcases Singapore?s diversity of culture. The post Naviga...
21-08-2017 16:11

The 10 best cities in China for travelers

It\'s difficult to think of a country more diverse in its landscapes, its people, its cuisine, and its reasons for reeling travelers in. The post The ...
20-08-2017 16:10

Five ways to stop seasickness

Seasickness is never fun but thankfully it can be treated. Follow these five simple tips for stopping seasickness and you?ll be back on your feet in n...
18-08-2017 16:10

An Insider?s Guide to Medellin: Colombia’s ‘City

This is not a city of big sights or must-dos. Instead, it?s the sense that you are in a city which is changing and developing a new version of itself ...
17-08-2017 16:10

Why you should see ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’

If there?s one reason to see Al Gore\'s new documentary, it\'s that it shows the power of people to influence governments and big businesses to create...
16-08-2017 16:10

How you can help save the orangutans

Orangutans, with their shaggy orange fur, long limbs and cheeky grins, are the world?s largest tree-climbing mammals. They share 97% of the same genet...
16-08-2017 16:10

10 questions with the first documented woman to travel to ev

Cassie De Pecol recently became the first woman on record to travel to all 196 sovereign nations, and we got the chance to ask her for tips on solo tr...
15-08-2017 16:11

10 reasons why you should travel to Nha Trang, Vietnam

Located on the south central coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is a paradise of city and sea, the absolute best of both worlds. The post 10 reasons why you ...
15-08-2017 16:11

7 cities that are even better at night

To really experience a city, you?ve got to get to know it when the sun goes down. That?s when secrets come out, when friends are made and when the adv...
15-08-2017 16:11

How to spend the perfect 24 hours in Rome

There?s so much more to Rome than just the tourist attractions. The atmosphere of the city, the hidden gems and the irresistible culture ? you will ne...
15-08-2017 16:11

What it’s like to travel in Japan as a solo traveller

It?s 4pm in Tokyo and I?m deep underground, a puzzled expression on my face. The post What it’s like to travel in Japan as a solo traveller appeare...
10-08-2017 16:08

How you can engage in ethical elephant tourism: World Animal

In 2014, Intrepid ended elephant riding on all trips after a report revealed widespread cruelty in the elephant tourism attraction industry. Since the...
10-08-2017 16:08

Visiting the Taj Mahal: Everything you need to know

Is there a sight more iconic, more beautiful, more jaw-droppingly spectacular than the Taj Mahal"  The post Visiting the Taj Mahal: Everything you nee...
09-08-2017 16:08

A local’s guide to visiting Japan on a budget

After 8 years based here, I can say that Japan rivals many nations with its budget friendliness. Here are my favorite travel hacks for sightseeing and...
08-08-2017 16:06

How to spend the perfect 24 hours in Chiang Mai

Even though there?s a wide range of things to see and do here, Chiang Mai?s Old City is small enough to experience in 24 hours, and filled with enough...
08-08-2017 16:06

What it’s like to travel in Morocco as a solo female t

While Morocco is a Muslim country and it?s important to respect local dress and customs, it?s also one where women can travel safely and have an incre...
08-08-2017 16:06

What to expect on ‘Hola Cuba’, by Americans who

At the end of a recent Hola Cuba trip, I asked a selection of American passengers just two questions: what the highlight of their trip was and what th...
07-08-2017 16:07

Top 6 colourful cities around the world

We don\'t want to attribute it solely to the Instagram age, but there\'s just something so exciting about trying to capture those pastel shades, brigh...
06-08-2017 16:07

Lessons in experiencing La Dolce Vita in Italy

Taking time to enjoy life?s great pleasures ? family, friends, outdoors, food, and wine ? is the core of Italian living. This obsession with life?s qu...
06-08-2017 16:07

Panama City: A study in contrasts

Panama City is unlike any other city in Central America. The country has the fastest growing economy in all of Latin America, and the impressive skyli...
03-08-2017 16:08

Finding friendship, unforgettable experiences and love on an

We had one especially grueling seven-hour bus ride but he and I talked the entire time and it ended up only feeling like one. The post Finding friend...
03-08-2017 16:08

6 underrated New Zealand towns you should visit

The towns on this list are lesser-known destinations. Although some of them serve as gateways to New Zealand?s natural attractions, they are interesti...
02-08-2017 16:06

I’ve been to every country in Central America; here

El Salvador was the last Central American country on my list and I regret not visiting it sooner. Come with an open heart and you will be welcomed wit...
02-08-2017 16:06

10 must-see places when you visit Georgia

From the peaks of the Caucasus mountains to Kakheti?s rolling semi-deserts, the stony Black Sea coastline to Imereti?s lush inland forests, there?s a ...
01-08-2017 16:06

7 things I learnt travelling solo through Europe

I didn?t have much time to get nervous, but the common first-time solo travel jitters were running through my mind. Will I get lost" Will I get lonely...
01-08-2017 16:06

A Guide to Valparaiso – Chile?s City of Artists

A mere two hours from Santiago, but a world away, Valparaiso was, without question, our favourite city in Chile. The post A Guide to Valparaiso – Ch...
27-07-2017 16:07

4 reasons why Northern Iran should be on your travel radar

You\'ll find volcanic plains, snowy peaks, and dense forests. You\'ll find traditional bazaars in small mountain towns, the kindest locals and more. T...
22-07-2017 16:06

Don’t visit Australia and overlook Tasmania. Here̵

Tasmania\'s breathtaking landscapes include everything from white sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains and wild, rugged coastal cliffs. The post Don...
21-07-2017 16:07

Travelling Cuba solo was tough; here?s why it?s still my fav

If you?re not making friends with the locals, exploring the country in rattling old cars, or sipping on a Cuba Libre in a rooftop bar or white-sand be...
20-07-2017 16:11

Lessons from the road: What travel taught me about love

Over the course of a year, I asked 50+ people in the 20+ countries I traveled to what they believed love was and documented their responses. The post ...
20-07-2017 16:11

A Sri Lankan journey through the lens

Sri Lanka\'s train journey is one thing not to be missed when visiting the popular island paradise. The post A Sri Lankan journey through the lens ap...
19-07-2017 16:07

A magical Nile cruise, 40 years in the making

The boat was a floating hotel, complete with shops; our cabin was luxurious, filled with large windows. Three nights in luxury cruising down the Nile....
18-07-2017 16:09

The community-based tourism project transforming the Myanmar

Read all about Myanmar?s very first community-based tourism project in Myaing, newly opened to visitors last year with support from Intrepid Travel. T...
18-07-2017 16:09

How I didn’t quit my job to travel the world

Travel is something I aspire to, and I don?t let my meager non-profit salary and 9-5 schedule stop me from achieving these goals. To date, I?ve visite...
18-07-2017 16:09

Weather warning: Intrepid’s co-Founder on how you can

Intrepid Co-Founder met with Al Gore again to discuss the progress that the world has made in grappling with climate change in the last decade.  The p...
17-07-2017 16:08

Thailand in one week: The ultimate guide

Buddhist culture, spicy food, chic shopping and plenty of natural wonders. Fret not, travelers ? this seven-day Thailand itinerary covers all those an...
17-07-2017 16:08

?nton and the Trans-Siberian Express: A traveller?s story

Teacher of Russian, fine tea connoisseur, Chinggis Khan Gold vodka enthusiast: meet local leader Anton. The post ?nton and the Trans-Siberian Express:...
16-07-2017 16:08

5 new UNESCO World Heritage Sites worth a visit

UNESCO just published its official list of Heritage Sites for 2017, adding over 20 treasures to it. We\'re a fan of them all (of course) but thought w...
14-07-2017 16:08

How to discover Cinque Terre, away from the crowds

The Cinque Terre dates back to the early medieval period and is considered by many as the most romantic stretch of the Italian Riviera. The post How t...
13-07-2017 16:09

You should go to Croatia just for the art scene. Here’

In Croatia, artistic expression flavors every area of life. Contemporary masterpieces compliment ancient treasures. Classical, rock, and folk mingle i...
11-07-2017 16:09

Everything you need to know about trekking Peru’s Colc

Circling condors, challenging trails, volcanoes, waterfalls, and hot springs make the Colca Canyon a top outdoor adventure destination in Peru. Here?s...
10-07-2017 16:14

6 unexpected surf destinations around the world

There are some epic breaks that don?t require a three thousand dollar flight or six hour boat ride from the nearest town. Trust me. The post 6 unexpec...
09-07-2017 16:06

6 places that prove Colombia is South America’s most u

Colombia has everything. Caribbean beaches in the North, Pacific surf in the West. Tropical forests, snow-capped mountains, and everything in between....
07-07-2017 16:08

I’ve visited Colombia 8 times; here’s why I̵

Despite having traveled to over 45 countries, Colombia is unquestionably one of my favorites. This is why I plan on returning there every year I can. ...
07-07-2017 16:08

Inside the multicultural food scene of Washington D.C.

With a long history of immigration and a rich multicultural heritage, Washington D.C. is one of the unsung cuisine capitals of America. The post Insi...
07-07-2017 16:08

How to discover South Bali’s secret scenic gems

South Bali exists in its own little world, separate from the rest of the country. It?s quieter, laid-back, and super down-to-earth. The post How to di...
07-07-2017 16:08

A local’s guide to the hidden gems of Paris

We all know the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysées, but discovering lesser-known spots where Parisians hang out isn?t so obvious. Enter this guide......
06-07-2017 16:08

How Cuba?s culinary scene might surprise even the biggest fo

I went into my Intrepid Travel tour thinking it\'d be nine days of just eating rice and beans. Wow, I couldn?t have been more wrong. The post How Cuba...
06-07-2017 16:08

Go with the Flo: Intrepid leader Florence talks what to expe

What\'s it like to travel through East Africa on a small group safari" Let\'s let an expert do the talking. The post Go with the Flo: Intrepid leader...
06-07-2017 16:08

How to bring the flavour of your travels home with you

Beat the post-holiday blues by recreating your travels in your own kitchen. The post How to bring the flavour of your travels home with you appeared ...
04-07-2017 16:06

What it?s like to travel in Morocco during Ramadan

I knew a little about Ramadan before travelling through Morocco this year. I knew that it involved fasting from sunrise to sunset, but that was about ...
03-07-2017 16:07

Imperial Mazes: Tales of Morocco?s Four Cities

All have, at one point in time, been the capital of the country. Each one has ancient medinas and royal palaces, and each also has its own very unique...
03-07-2017 16:07

Have words, will travel: how learning Spanish transformed th

Learning Spanish gave us a voice with which we could ask questions we were unable to find answers to in guidebooks. The post Have words, will travel: ...
03-07-2017 16:07

15 places in Canada that will give you instant wanderlust

Say the word \'Canada\' and it\'s likely that a desktop background-esque scene springs to mind: towering mountain peaks, dazzling blue lakes, and fore...
01-07-2017 16:07

The 7 best destinations for vegetarian travellers

The number of countries with rich culinary histories that are ready to fulfill your vegetarian needs and foodie dreams is steadily growing. The post T...
29-06-2017 16:08

Obama does Bali: How to travel there like the former Preside

Ah, Bali. This beach-fringed paradise seemingly has it all ? sprawling rice fields, ancient Hindu temples and active volcanoes sprinkled throughout. A...
28-06-2017 16:07

Celebrating life on Day of the Dead

Some people confuse Day of the Dead celebrations with Halloween, but really, Dia de Muertos is about celebrating LIFE. Intrepid local leader Luis expl...
28-06-2017 16:07

Pro photography tips: taking portraits in Morocco

Up your portrait photography game with these insightful tips from professional photography expert Steve Davey The post Pro photography tips: taking po...
24-06-2017 16:07

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Highlights from 2 Weeks in South Africa

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For the past five weeks, I’ve been traveling around Southern Africa. I climbed sand dunes in Namibia, saw the Big 5 in Kruger, flew high over Victoria Falls, and traveled more than 1,000 miles overland. And then I got home and became absolutely... -
Travel Channel Courts Gay and Lesbian Travelers

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How to Travel Britain Cheap After Brexit

How to Travel Britain Cheap After Brexit

As the whole world is now well aware, Britain has voted to secede from the European Union and Europe has gone into a frenzy. Great Britain?s economy The post How to Travel Britain Cheap After Brexit appeared first on Ordinary Traveler. -
$499 for 4 Nights at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

$499 for 4 Nights at Atlantis Paradise Island...

Book by July 31. With 11 swimming pools, 14 marine... -
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French Alps: Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine Ski on a Sunday

French Alps: Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine Ski on...

Salut. Bonsoir! We are staying in one of the ski villages of Alpe d\'Huez Grande Domaine Ski Resort. Our village is smaller and does not really have the best connections to the slopes around the Alpe d\'Huez bowl so it was a bit tricky for us... -
Luxury Vacation Planning With Mega Mansions and Extreme Vacation Homes

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Josef Frank Exhibition at Millesgården

Josef Frank Exhibition at Millesgården

Ok, this report is coming when there are only a few weeks left of the exhibition. Sorry! But I did mention it at the beginning of the summer in my list of summer art exhibitions. At any rate, I am glad that I finally made it out as I really wanted... -
Sumbawa Island? feeling torn between Traditional Islam and Western Feminism

Sumbawa Island? feeling torn between Traditio...

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