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8 reasons to travel to Moldova, one of Europe’s least

I\'m going to make an embarrassing confession. Until recently I couldn\'t point to Moldova on a map, let alone give fellow adventurers a single reason...
19-10-2017 16:08

Do you really need a rail pass in Japan"

A Rail Pass can be the ticket to saving money when you?re travelling around Japan, but here?s what you need to consider before making your purchase. T...
18-10-2017 16:09

Why I love El Salvador, a country with a story to tell

It\'s a country with a story to tell but also a country with lots to offer. The people are welcoming, the beers are cheap and sites are almost tourist...
17-10-2017 16:09

6 common misconceptions about travel in Iran

Iran is one of my favourite destinations. It\'s simply beautiful. I love the coloured mosaics on the mosques in Esfahan; I love the sights, sounds and...
17-10-2017 16:09

Why you should experience Ethopia’s Timket Festival

We jostled with the locals into the procession and followed the congregation. The chanting, clapping, singing and dancing flowed into the streets. Th...
17-10-2017 16:09

Your Galapagos travel checklist: What to know before you go

Your Galapagos go-to guide. The post Your Galapagos travel checklist: What to know before you go appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog....
17-10-2017 16:09

At sea: life on the water with Intrepid skipper Mike Simon

You?d think falling overboard would put you off sailing, but not skipper Mike Simon. The post At sea: life on the water with Intrepid skipper Mike Sim...
16-10-2017 16:09

Everything you need to know about visiting the Sahara

It?s a major bucket list item when in Morocco ? you cannot deny the call of the desert. Here\'s what visiting the Sahara is really like. The post Ever...
15-10-2017 16:09

10 reasons why Zagreb, Croatia should be your next European

It may not have the Adriatic Sea or the beach, but I was immediately charmed by the Croatian capital\'s vibrance, culture and history. The post 10 rea...
15-10-2017 16:09

How to see the best of Bali, minus the crowds

From hot springs to spring rolls, rolling rice terraces to volcano climbs at sunrise? need I continue" This place is awesome. Go. The post How to see ...
15-10-2017 16:09

Chengdu: a guide to China’s next hottest destination

I found Chengdu astonishingly laid-back, which is probably an adjective you never expected to hear in conjunction with the phrase "Chinese city of 14 ...
15-10-2017 16:09

Your ultimate guide to Melbourne, Australia

Eat, drink and stroll your way around the world?s most liveable city. The post Your ultimate guide to Melbourne, Australia appeared first on Intrepid...
13-10-2017 16:08

6 beautiful beaches in Thailand you should visit

While Google Images would have you believe that Thailand is nothing but white sand and long tail boats, this isn?t really the case. Well, unless you r...
13-10-2017 16:08

Cairo vs Alexandria: A guide to Egypt’s two largest ci

One city is home to the Great Pyramids and the other city is home to the Great Library. Here\'s what you need to know about both. The post Cairo vs Al...
12-10-2017 16:08

6 of Europe’s top ‘Not Hot’ spots for 2018

Get there before everyone else does. The post 6 of Europe’s top ‘Not Hot’ spots for 2018 appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog....
12-10-2017 16:08

Why I love New York in winter

New York in winter may be freezing, but it\'s also festive, atmospheric, and incredibly cosy. The post Why I love New York in winter appeared first o...
11-10-2017 16:09

Why one traveller quit her office job and moved to the Austr

Sometimes we need a life change. One traveller recounts how an Intrepid trip through the Northern Territory inspired her to move from the Sydney subur...
09-10-2017 16:13

7 new destinations to explore with Intrepid in 2018

At Intrepid, we love exploring little-known corners of the globe. And in 2018, we\'re heading to a bunch of exciting new destinations we haven\'t been...
07-10-2017 16:10

Sumatra: Indonesia’s adventure paradise you haven̵

Despite being the sixth largest island in the world, Sumatra is wild and rugged and majestic in equal measures. Here\'s everything you need to know. T...
06-10-2017 16:08

Two Intrepid leaders take out Gold & Bronze at World Gu

It takes a pretty special person to not only bring a place to life, but to also bring a diverse group of people together. The post Two Intrepid lead...
06-10-2017 16:08

7 reasons to make your Singapore layover a stayover

In Singapore, the sun is (almost) always shining, the food is cheap, the history is interesting, and the whole place is a little bit kooky (in a good ...
05-10-2017 16:11

25 things I learned in 25 years of solo travel

I?ve been on dozens of solo trips, and traveling alone seems just as natural as living alone. Here are 25 things I?ve learned in 25 years of solo trav...
04-10-2017 16:10

The Tulum Ruins: a Mexican family holiday with ancient Mayan

With ancient Maya history, ruins and beautiful beaches, Tulum is the perfect place for your next family trip. The post The Tulum Ruins: a Mexican fam...
04-10-2017 16:10

What to expect on a trip to Turkmenistan

The gateway to the Silk Road is distinct from the other ?Stans? in culture, history and landscape. And for sheer craziness, there is nowhere else in t...
03-10-2017 16:14

9 unique experiences in Israel and the Palestinian Territori

There aren\'t many places so small or so diverse you can travel from holy cities to ancient fortresses to surreal salt lakes in just one morning. The...
02-10-2017 16:10

More than momos: A guide to Nepali cuisine

If you ask anyone about Nepali cuisine, they?re sure to mention momos and dal bhat, but there are plenty of other treats in this mountainous country. ...
02-10-2017 16:10

10 reasons why Bolivia should be on your bucket list

Bolivia is in the unique position of sharing a border with five very distinct South American countries, sharing some of the best features of all five....
01-10-2017 16:11

What I wish I knew before climbing Kilimanjaro

One writer took on the Machame Route in Tanzania. Here\'s what she learned, plus some vital advice, for climbing Kilimanjaro. The post What I wish I k...
01-10-2017 16:11

Why New Zealand’s North Island is the trip of a lifeti

By the time we ended our two weeks in New Zealand\'s North Island, our Intrepid group was like a big family to us. Here are 5 unique experiences we tr...
01-10-2017 16:11

Beyond Base Camp: 6 amazing destinations in Nepal

It?s a shame to only visit Nepal for its main claim to fame, Everest. The tallest mountain on Earth is spectacular, but it\'s not the only attraction ...
01-10-2017 16:11

5 of our favourite foods from around the world

Listen up, food lovers. If you?re anything like us, it?s likely your top priority when booking your next trip is largely based on what you?re going to...
29-09-2017 16:11

The road to Machu Picchu starts at 385 lbs

I laughed like a crazy person, as I stood on top of that pass. The thin air and blustery wind stole my breath, but I continued to giggle and turn in a...
28-09-2017 16:13

10 of the coolest things to do in Jamaica

Phosphorescent lagoons, dancehall parties, spicy street this love" Here\'s 10 of the best things to do in Jamaica, Intrepid\'s newest destin...
28-09-2017 16:13

Marriage equality: a reminder to Australian travellers

This is a reminder to all Australian travellers, wherever you are in the world, that you don?t have to be waiting at home for your chance to vote. The...
27-09-2017 16:11

How travellers can help the situation in Myanmar

Since late August 2017, hundreds of thousands of people have crossed the border into Bangladesh to seek refuge after violence broke out in Rakhine Sta...
27-09-2017 16:11

10 under-the-radar destinations in Southeast Asia worth a vi

Here are 10 Southeast Asian spots about to take pride of place on your bucket list. Prepare yourself for lesser-known gems, unique experiences and mor...
25-09-2017 16:10

Introducing Northern Peru, home to the ‘new Machu Picc

Imagine Machu Picchu. Spectacular, historic, utterly iconic. And then magnify the history and minus the tourists, and you\'ve got a sense of the regio...
25-09-2017 16:10

More than Marina Bay Sands: What to see in Singapore

When I first went to Singapore, I was told by a fellow backpacker that there ?wasn?t much to do except Marina Bay Sands?. I spent my days in the city ...
23-09-2017 16:10

Travelling India as a Solo Female: Finding Love and Safety b

It?s not long before a group of women, in vibrant saris and knotted hair take a liking to me - a solo blonde woman with a giant camera and an open cur...
23-09-2017 16:10

How to ride a camel like a pro in Morocco

In truth, riding a camel is always going to be a little uncomfortable ? it comes with the territory. But we\'ve got a few tips to help minimise the pa...
22-09-2017 16:08

Chile beyond Patagonia: 4 destinations you don’t want

I came to Chile to hike Patagonia. I left with a new appreciation of life. The starry nights of the Atacama desert, the magical hot springs and volcan...
21-09-2017 16:13

Where to spot leopards in Sri Lanka

While the lion isn\'t much more than a majestic myth, another magnificent big cat prowls Sri Lanka ? the leopard. The post Where to spot leopards in S...
21-09-2017 16:13

Cycling Japan: from Osaka to Tokyo

With onsen, exercise, and freedom to escape the crowds amidst a beautiful and varied landscape, could there be a better way to explore Japan" The post...
21-09-2017 16:13

Your essential guide to sailing jargon

If you?re just starting to cut your teeth on life at sea, here?s the essential guide to sailing that every beginner should know. The post Your essenti...
20-09-2017 16:10

10 places you should visit in Japan

Everything in this amazing land is so different from Western norms, you?re bound to find yourself pleasantly disoriented as you attempt to navigate it...
20-09-2017 16:10

9 Greek beaches that should be on your bucket list

Though the sea is everywhere (there\'s 227 inhabited islands), it\'s tough to find beaches worthy of the \'best beaches in Greece\' accolade. Enter ou...
19-09-2017 16:10

A guide to traditional Chinese street food

One of the most popular forms of traditional Chinese food, everywhere from Shanghai to Beijing, is street food. Here are some of the best street food ...
19-09-2017 16:10

7 reasons to visit Peru (that aren’t Machu Picchu)

Food, waterfalls, epic hikes and camelids, to name a few. The post 7 reasons to visit Peru (that aren’t Machu Picchu) appeared first on Intrepid Tr...
18-09-2017 16:11

The top destinations for travel in January

From the jungles of Central America to the beaches of Southeast Asia, here\'s where you should be travelling during January. The post The top destina...
18-09-2017 16:11

10 experiences every traveler should have in Morocco

In a country that boasts so much beauty and so many varied attractions, these top 10 Morocco experiences are a pretty good place to start your explora...
18-09-2017 16:11

Italian gem: 12 photos that will inspire you to visit Sicily

The fact it\'s the largest Mediterranean island is, quite honestly, reason enough to visit sun-soaked Sicily. But the rich history, dazzling landscape...
17-09-2017 16:10

Why I love Turkey, a country of countless wonders

My husband and I had no idea what to expect prior to visiting Turkey, but any minor misgivings we did have disappeared as soon as we arrived. Turkey i...
17-09-2017 16:10

An insider’s guide to visiting Cusco, Peru

Having lived in Cusco for more than a year and a half, I?ve come to discover some of the city?s local gems, places that will deliver you straight into...
16-09-2017 16:07

7 waterfalls you should visit in Iceland

With so many waterfalls throughout the country, it?s hard to decide which ones you just have to see for yourself. To help you, here are seven waterfal...
15-09-2017 16:09

A traveller’s guide to local etiquette in Egypt

If you?re a first-time visitor to Egypt, it?s important to be aware of a few local customs. The post A traveller’s guide to local etiquette in Egypt...
15-09-2017 16:09

Malta: Europe’s surprising best destination for family

From outdoor excursions to indoor activities, Malta offers a variety of fun adventures fit for all ages. Here\'s more reasons why it\'s worth a family...
14-09-2017 16:10

What to expect on an adventure through Tibet

From the window you see villagers herding yaks in valleys and gaze at the craggy Tibetan Plateau. Welcome to the highest railway in the world... and T...
14-09-2017 16:10

10 surprising facts about Ethiopia

Diverse landscapes, a kaleidoscope of cultures and one of the world\'s fastest growing economies: here are 10 facts you didn\'t know about Ethiopia Th...
14-09-2017 16:10

The essential Galapagos Islands packing guide

To make the most of your time in this amazing archipelago, you need to be prepared. The post The essential Galapagos Islands packing guide appeared f...
13-09-2017 16:11

Travelling to Cambodia with my father and discovering my pas

It wasn?t until I travelled to Cambodia as an adult with my father that I discovered just how much the Khmer Rouge had impacted my immediate family. T...
12-09-2017 16:11

How we’re stepping up the fight against orphanage tour

Who wouldn?t want to help an orphaned child" Unfortunately, our desire to help can sometimes cause more harm than good as, in some countries, orphanag...
12-09-2017 16:11

A gluten-free guide to Europe

While Europe is known for its ancient cultures, colourful architecture and bloody history, it?s not yet known for something it?s now also very good at...
11-09-2017 16:11

Why you cannot help but fall for Viñales, Cuba

Viñales stole my heart. From cycling among limestone karsts to horse-riding through tobacco farms, this was my favorite spot in one of my favorite cou...
09-09-2017 16:09

The top 10 destinations for travel in November

Why wait for the Christmas break to finally take that holiday you\'ve been dreaming of" Here\'s your no-fuss list of places to go, things to see, and ...
09-09-2017 16:09

5 European day hikes everyone should experience

Europe?s varied geography lends itself to hundreds of day walks that require nothing more than an average level of fitness and good shoes. The post 5 ...
09-09-2017 16:09

Why a group tour in the Middle East was the right decision f

By going with a group, I knew my transportation would be insured, my activities vetted and my accommodations safe. I felt more confident and safe expl...
08-09-2017 16:10

9 of the best physical activities in Sri Lanka

Be prepared to get sweaty. The post 9 of the best physical activities in Sri Lanka appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog....
08-09-2017 16:10

5 reasons Finnish Lapland should be on your bucket list

Finland. The land of saunas, reindeer and very long words with no vowels. The post 5 reasons Finnish Lapland should be on your bucket list appeared f...
07-09-2017 16:10

6 easy tips for solo female travel in India

The reality for solo female travellers is India can be challenging, but don\'t let that put you off experiencing this incredible country. The post 6 e...
06-09-2017 16:10

How to eat like a local in Sri Lanka

Say yes to breakfast hoppers. Every time. The post How to eat like a local in Sri Lanka appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog....
04-09-2017 16:10

Calabria or Sicily: Where to travel on your Italy adventure

Sicily, Calabria, beaches, mountains" We weigh up the key decision-making factors for your next adventure in Italy. The post Calabria or Sicily: Wher...
01-09-2017 16:11

How to protect your camera at sea (and also take great shots

Nothing\'s worse than damaging your camera while on the water. Follow these tips from a professional to keep your photos crisp and camera dry. The pos...
31-08-2017 16:11

10 facts you probably don’t know about Peru

We don\'t need to sell Peru to you ? who doesn\'t want to see Machu Picchu in all its dazzling glory" But do you know as much as you should about this...
31-08-2017 16:11

This is what it’s like to share a meal at a Sikh templ

Music is playing, people are walking and praying, and the atmosphere is festive yet oddly relaxed for a sacred place. The post This is what it’s lik...
31-08-2017 16:11

The best cities in Europe for LGBTQI travellers

While much of Europe is welcoming and safe for LGBTQI travellers, here?s a list of 5 cities that are not only welcoming and safe, but certain to make ...
30-08-2017 16:11

The magic of visiting Antarctica with Intrepid

Having traveled to over 40 countries and touched every continent, I can safely say that I?m the person I am today as a result of travel. However, it i...
30-08-2017 16:11

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An ?Emma? kind of day

An ?Emma? kind of day

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Cefalú ? Sicily, Italy

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