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Pro photography tips: taking portraits in Morocco

Up your portrait photography game with these insightful tips from professional photography expert Steve Davey The post Pro photography tips: taking po...
24-06-2017 16:07

5 LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations you might not have cons

For years, LGBTQ travellers have flocked to the usual suspects of queer-friendly destinations: Barcelona, San Francisco, Sydney. But our world explora...
23-06-2017 16:07

How to travel and get paid for it, as told by a professional

A successful travel blogger offers insider knowledge into the ever-evolving travel blogging industry. The post How to travel and get paid for it, as t...
23-06-2017 16:07

Why I?m not afraid to travel: Opportune moments in uncertain

Times are uncertain. Now, perhaps more than ever, being an informed and responsible traveler is a necessity. The post Why I?m not afraid to travel: Op...
22-06-2017 16:09

The beauty of Uruguay, South America’s overlooked gem

For the few of us lucky enough to have spent time in this little slice of paradise tucked in next to Argentina, we?ll happily shout our praises from t...
22-06-2017 16:09

Mykonos: So much more than just a party island

Mykonos is a no-brainer stop on the Cyclades island-hopping trail. But not just for the nightlife it\'s known for, for a plethora of other reasons too...
22-06-2017 16:09

5 ways to get more out of your Northern Lights trip to Icela

Dr Melanie Windridge has a PhD in fusion energy and wrote a book on the Northern Lights ? so yeah, she knows a thing or two about the aurora. The scie...
21-06-2017 16:07

How to watch live music like a local in New Orleans

Music is everywhere in the Big Easy. But where do the LOCALS go to catch a tune" The post How to watch live music like a local in New Orleans appeare...
20-06-2017 16:07

5 beautiful islands in Europe you haven’t discovered y

There\'s nothing we love more than the small towns, coastal views, and endless scenic vistas that Europe\'s islands offer. Here are some that are over...
18-06-2017 16:05

How the new U.S. Cuba policy changes will impact travel

Here\'s what Trump\'s decision means for U.S. travelers, some options for how you can travel to Cuba legally, and some essential advice on what to exp...
17-06-2017 16:06

Argentina vs Brazil: Which side of the Iguazu Falls should y

The spectacular Falls can be admired from both Brazil and Argentina. So which side is better" (Good news: turns out you don?t have to pick a side. Thi...
17-06-2017 16:06

The best family holidays to book in 2017

We\'re a firm believer in the fact that family travel can please both parents and kids, and that it doesn\'t have to be about resorts and compromise. ...
16-06-2017 16:07

What it?s really like to visit Egypt as a solo female travel

Some people feel nervous about travelling to Egypt. One traveller gives her best tips and talks straight about her experience in the land of ancient w...
16-06-2017 16:07

Why now is the time to visit Bulgaria’s cultural heart

As you stroll the narrow streets of historic Plovdiv, music echoes along the cobblestones. You might hear an orchestra performing in a park mingled wi...
15-06-2017 16:07

What to expect on a trek to Everest Base Camp

Ready for the climb of your life" Here\'s what to know before you take on a trek to epic Everest Base Camp. The post What to expect on a trek to Ever...
14-06-2017 16:08

An extraordinary expedition into Australia?s East Arnhem Lan

The Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land have lived in balance with nature and preserved their culture for some 50,000 years. Now, they\'re ready to shar...
13-06-2017 16:08

What traveling the world solo has taught me about life

Solo travel has taught me to cherish the highs and learn from the lows. It\'s taught me to reconsider nearly every stereotype I\'ve ever been exposed ...
13-06-2017 16:08

The best cities in India for street photography

Indians are very open to photographs ? 8 out of 10 times they will happily give you the shot. So, the odds of creating great images are in your favour...
12-06-2017 16:07

6 cities in Spain to visit before everyone else does

Spain is far more than sangria, tapas and the works of Gaudí. Here are 6 underrated Spanish cities that prove just how great it really is. The post 6 ...
12-06-2017 16:07

Top 6 things to do in Hoi An

With a free day, we wanted to see as much of Hoi An as we could: the old stuff, the food stuff, and the wheel-y good stuff too. Here are our six top p...
12-06-2017 16:07

Croatia in one week: The ultimate guide

With its ancient walled cities, shimmering sapphire waters, impeccable wine and delicious cuisine, Croatia is where Mediterranean fantasies come true....
11-06-2017 16:08

What a tobacco farmer taught me about the art of Cuban cigar

Watching a fourth generation tobacco farmer roll an organic Cuban cigar became one of my favorite experiences on a recent Intrepid Travel tour of Cuba...
11-06-2017 16:08

What to see on a walking tour of Savannah, USA

Savannah may be one of the most beautiful cities in the USA; it?s green, it?s historic, and it?s perfect for a stroll. Here\'s our definitive guide to...
09-06-2017 16:10

The colorful chaos of stepping off the beaten path in India

I find myself in the middle of an absolutely fantastic Hindu festival on a Sunday afternoon, taking in a riot of colors and sights and sounds and smel...
08-06-2017 16:08

Why we need to act now to protect our oceans from climate ch

With 7.4 billion people now living on earth and 40% of them living in coastal areas, we need to keep our oceans healthy. We have never needed them so ...
08-06-2017 16:08

Interested in ecotourism" Here’s why you should t

Defined by lakes and volcanoes, abuzz with coffee harvests and influenced by the traditions of its indigenous peoples, Nicaragua is an ecotourist have...
08-06-2017 16:08

A definitive list of everything you should eat in Florence

We?ve hunted down the best spots in Florence to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner (along with a few extra treats along the way). The post A definitive ...
08-06-2017 16:08

Meet Channa, the Intrepid leader in Cambodia with an incredi

?The money I saved from working at Intrepid, plus the money my sisters saved from work meant we could afford to build a new house.? The post Meet Chan...
08-06-2017 16:08

6 reasons why Krakow is Europe’s most overlooked city

Krakow looks like a city straight out of a Disney movie. Cobbled streets lined with horse-pulled carriages, beautiful squares, pretty churches and mor...
06-06-2017 16:09

Why rural Kenya stole my heart

After living in Kenya for three months, it?s fair to say that I found the country?s rural regions to be particularly captivating. Getting out of the s...
06-06-2017 16:09

5 towns in Mexico’s highlands to visit before everyone

Here are five colonial towns in the highlands of Mexico that will make you forget the beach ? for a while, at least. The post 5 towns in Mexico’s hi...
04-06-2017 16:08

Northern Vietnam in one week: The ultimate guide

From big cities brimming with foodie fun, to landscapes so surreal they will blow your mind, Northern Vietnam sure won\'t disappoint. The post Norther...
04-06-2017 16:08

You should go to Portugal just for the food. Here’s wh

Despite the curious looks people give us when we say we went to Portugal for our honeymoon, my husband and I couldn?t have imagined a better way to st...
01-06-2017 16:09

Indian gems: 6 places you should visit in Rajasthan

From the rugged dunes of the Thar Desert to the colourful chaos of Johari Bazaar, Rajasthan offers something for every type of traveller. The post Ind...
01-06-2017 16:09

Meet the Intrepid leader who dedicated his life to helping d

The story of Jimmy Pham, an Intrepid Travel tour guide who went on to found KOTO, a hospitality training center in Hanoi. The post Meet the Intrepid l...
31-05-2017 16:09

Much more than a desert: A trip into the Sahara

It?s hard to describe the feeling of approaching a desert to someone who has never seen one before. You can describe what you see; a drying of landsca...
31-05-2017 16:09

Why Ko Tao is the island you have to visit in Thailand

If you?re looking for an island paradise in Thailand, make sure you do not ? I repeat, do not ? skip the tiny island of Ko Tao. The post Why Ko Tao is...
31-05-2017 16:09

Everything you need to know about trekking in Patagonia

Patagonia. The word rolls off your tongue and has you dreaming of faraway lands filled with dramatic landscapes. It\'s fair to say that the reality do...
31-05-2017 16:09

In the shadow of Toubkal: A trip into Morocco?s high mountai

When I think of Morocco I think of ancient medina?s, rolling deserts, blue painted hillside towns. I think of colourful tiles and piled Tagines and Be...
30-05-2017 16:08

The best beaches in southeast Asia: a definitive guide

Once you\'ve sampled the food, culture and magnificent temples of southeast Asia, you\'ll want to relax - and these are the best beaches to do it. The...
29-05-2017 16:09

How to cross the road in Vietnam

Why did the Intrepid traveller risk life and limb to cross the road in Vietnam" To get to the good stuff, of course. The post How to cross the road in...
29-05-2017 16:09

In search of one of the world?s rarest cacao beans, a journe

I had found myself deep in the Andes, in one of the rarest cacao farms in the world, watching a filmmaker fly a drone across the darkening sky. As a B...
28-05-2017 16:10

Prepare to salivate: Top 10 restaurants in Barcelona

Check out our guide to the best of Barcelona?s Spanish and international cuisine. It reveals where to go for the tastiest tapas, and so much more... T...
28-05-2017 16:10

Traveling to Greece" Give Athens a chance

The capital of Greece is like nowhere else on earth. Athens fuses the ancient with the modern, melding historic sights and iconic monuments with livel...
25-05-2017 16:13

?Travellers change my life and I change theirs?: meet Morocc

Khalid Lamlih, an Intrepid local leader, talks about the power of meeting other people while travelling. The post ?Travellers change my life and I cha...
25-05-2017 16:13

A road trip through Southern Africa

If I was going to go to the other side of the world, I wanted to see how people lived. And that?s just the kind of adventure I got when I set out on a...
25-05-2017 16:13

Two Intrepid leaders nominated for World Guide Awards 2017

We?re thrilled to announce that two Intrepid local leaders have been named as finalists in the prestigious 2017 Wanderlust World Guide Awards. Travell...
25-05-2017 16:13

My audience with the remarkable hermit of Kyanjin

The snow-capped Tibetan mountains loomed up in the far distance as we trekked through Nepal up a valley to the highest village on our trek, Kyanjin. O...
24-05-2017 16:11

Think twice before buying war jewellery in Laos. Here’

Editor’s note: The story below highlights a dark episode in the history of Laos and the legacy it continues to hold over Lao people. At Intrepid, we...
23-05-2017 16:08

6 experiences every traveler should have in Iceland

The volcanic island has exploded onto the radars of travelers in recent years, but Iceland has more than enough fjords, geysers, volcanoes, and glacie...
23-05-2017 16:08

Why you should travel with your children

From astronomy lessons under the stars of the Sahara to slowing down to enjoy the magic, here\'s why you should travel with your little ones. The pos...
22-05-2017 16:10

What I wish I knew before hiking to Machu Picchu

Like most painful things, the memories fade with time and I only remember the good bits. But there are things I wish I\'d known before hiking to Machu...
21-05-2017 16:11

Why you should visit Ghana, the gem of West Africa

Wild African safaris aren?t the main attraction in Ghana - there\'s so much more to the West African nation: big cities, beaches, waterfalls, history,...
21-05-2017 16:11

Meet Pravin, the Intrepid Manager fighting for gender equali

"I believe things are changing here", reflects Pravin. "It won\'t be long before 50% of our leaders are female." This is a big deal. It\'d make Intrep...
19-05-2017 16:10

Meet Sana, the Intrepid leader defying gender stereotypes in

Sana is just one person. One female leader in one male-dominated society. But India is modernizing, and her story is proof. The post Meet Sana, the I...
19-05-2017 16:10

7 unique Italian dishes to try, by region

Here are seven Italian dishes you likely haven?t tried yet, in a region-by-region guide that\'ll leave you drooling... The post 7 unique Italian dishe...
19-05-2017 16:10

The best thing about a family tour" Seeing your childre

\'On the first day, the eight children pronounced themselves best friends and bagged girls? and boys? areas on the bus for the journeys to come.\' The...
19-05-2017 16:10

Why Porto is the new hottest destination in Portugal

Although all-too-often overshadowed by the popular capital, Porto is a colorful, UNESCO-listed city that offers an authentic slice of Portuguese life....
18-05-2017 16:09

Why travel is now more important than ever before

Travel is the best way to inform ourselves about what\'s happening to our planet\'s ecosystems and the biggest motivator to do something about it. Th...
18-05-2017 16:09

A guide to Mérida, Mexico’s most underrated city

Many Mexicans agree that Mérida is one of the most beautiful cities in the Yucatán Peninsula. It\'s also safe, cultural and just 20 miles from the bea...
17-05-2017 16:10

Everything you need to know about tipping in the United Stat

Forget about reaching for your wallet with nervous hands. Our guide to tipping in the U.S. will help you navigate eating out, hotel stays and so much ...
17-05-2017 16:10

Why I travel with my mother

\'She is my preferred roommate (partly because I can sleep through her loud snores). I am her go-to travel buddy.\' The post Why I travel with my moth...
17-05-2017 16:10

Why train travel is the one experience you won?t want to mis

Sumo" Tea ceremony" Robot bar" Cat café" Ninja school" While all worthy experiences, it?s riding the rails in Japan that rules them all. As much a cul...
16-05-2017 16:10

The magic and madness of traveling in Vietnam with my mom

Now we were just two friends on an adventure, no barriers, with a foreign, exotic, and endlessly beautiful country as our playground. The post The mag...
12-05-2017 16:08

Split: The Croatian city that should be on your radar

While Split may never shine as brightly as the ?Pearl of the Adriatic? by tourist standards, general consensus among the locals is that they wouldn?t ...
12-05-2017 16:08

?The best place to eat in Macedonia is somebody?s home?: tip

The Balkan republic of Macedonia is like a tiny version of France, with a huge variety of wines, cheeses and other foods for its size. Mix in a dash o...
11-05-2017 16:08

What it’s really like visiting Ushuaia, the world̵

Surrounded by dramatic mountains and Argentina\'s epic beauty, not only is Ushuaia the gateway to Antarctica, it\'s also the world\'s most southern ci...
11-05-2017 16:08

Your definitive guide to the best live music in Bangkok

Bangkok’s nightlife has something for everybody ? and that?s particularly true of the city’s live music scene. But the vast choice on offer can be...
11-05-2017 16:08

7 best destinations for solo travellers over 50

Temperate climate, good food, decent infrastructure, and a variety of activities where there is little risk of breaking a bone. 50+" Visit these count...
09-05-2017 16:09

6 hottest food destinations in Europe for summer 2017

Where will your taste buds be delighted most this summer" What cuisine will have your Instagram glowing and your friends green with envy" We\'ll tell ...
09-05-2017 16:09

Gobi Desert: in the footsteps of velociraptors and the origi

David Attenborough has presented nature documentaries from some of the most exotic and inaccessible places on Earth, including the highlands of Papua ...
08-05-2017 16:07

A tribute to our friend, Victor Ongollah

Last week, we lost a dear member of the Intrepid family. Victor Ongollah, one of our most popular tour leaders in East Africa, passed away on 30 April...
08-05-2017 16:07

Meet the man cycling 12,000km from Cairo to Cape Town

Meet Charles Butler. He\'s cycling from Egypt to South Africa, raising money for charity and having the adventure of a lifetime. The post Meet the man...
06-05-2017 16:08

What happens on tour, stays on tour: our local leaders spill

We chatted to a few of our leaders about some of their favourite moments on Intrepid trips. The post What happens on tour, stays on tour: our local le...
05-05-2017 16:08

Convenience store food: Japan?s world-beating culinary exper

Convenience store fare" Food from vending machines" Isn?t travel all about eating authentic street food, finding hole-in-the-wall taco joints and dini...
05-05-2017 16:08

Island time: why beautiful Zanzibar deserves your attention

Zanzibar\'s beaches are right up there with the best I have seen, but I found so much more than sand and sunsets, and ended up staying for weeks and w...
05-05-2017 16:08

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A perfect Cape Town weekend.

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James Whitlow Delano | Hipstamatic

James Whitlow Delano | Hipstamatic

Photo © James Whitlow Delano-All Rights ReservedPhoto © James Whitlow Delano-All Rights ReservedPhoto © James Whitlow Delano-All Rights ReservedJames Whitlow Delano, a friend and a colleague-instructor at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, was... -
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Khajuraho - Forms of Devi

Khajuraho - Forms of Devi

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