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Why Krabi, Thailand should be on your radar

More than just parties and bars, Krabi is one of Thailand?s most beautiful provinces, with thick forests, imposing mountains and gorgeous beaches aple...
29-04-2017 16:08

5 unexpected natural wonders to visit in Taiwan

The majority of visitors stick to the bustling capital of Taipei. But for anyone else seeking a taste of the outdoors life, there are almost unlimited...
28-04-2017 16:08

A local’s guide to Mexico

Sit down with Intrepid tour guide Balam and you\'re bound to learn something new, especially about his country, Mexico. Here are his top tips for trav...
27-04-2017 16:07

Listen to the Swahili song that will get your tired legs up

Intrepid mountain guide Samuel has climbed Kilimanjaro over 500 times. So when his travellers are struggling to the summit, he\'s got a few tricks up ...
27-04-2017 16:07

This ?Walk Like an Egyptian? lip synch is the most joyful vi

An Australian couple who visited Egypt on an Intrepid trip have become overnight celebrities after a video they made of their holiday went viral. Egyp...
27-04-2017 16:07

What traveling to Cuba taught me about life, and making the

When I describe Cuba after returning from my 9-day visit, the first word that comes to mind is \'charming\'. Yes, even in spite of power outages, unpl...
26-04-2017 16:07

A local’s guide to Indonesia

Meet Maman. He\'s led Intrepid trips in Indonesia for over 10 years, and here he tells us about his favorite hidden gems, the must-try dishes, and so ...
25-04-2017 16:08

“Compared to the beauty of the country, the earthquake

A year ago, it was Nepal\'s plea for help that drew me there. Today, it\'s the mountains that are calling me back. The post “Compared to the beauty ...
25-04-2017 16:08

Beyond the Great Wall: 7 unique experiences to try in China

Sure, the Great Wall really is a site to behold, but it?s not the only adventure to be had in China. Here are 7 epic, wall-free experiences you can ha...
22-04-2017 16:07

Your complete guide to one day in Hiroshima

The port city of Hiroshima will forever be associated with the tragic events of August 6th 1945, but there\'s so much more on offer too. Here\'s how t...
22-04-2017 16:07

7 years of carbon neutral: this is how Intrepid offsets your

This Earth Day marks 7 years since Intrepid Travel became one of the biggest carbon neutral travel companies in the world. Want to know how we do it" ...
21-04-2017 16:07

Small ways you can make every day Earth Day when you travel

Climate change is real and it\'s happening now. How can we, as travellers, make sure that our adventures also preserve our planet\'s stunning landscap...
21-04-2017 16:07

Myanmar in one week: The ultimate guide

The days when Myanmar was almost as impenetrable as North Korea and the economy was in ruins is a thing of the past. The country is incredible, and he...
21-04-2017 16:07

Watch five years’ of glacier loss in one minute

Ten years ago, the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) began documenting the disappearance of the world?s glaciers using time-lapse photography. Today, his stunn...
21-04-2017 16:07

Naxos: Introducing the most underrated Greek island

Naxos is still unheard of by many foreign visitors, despite being four hours from both Athens and Mykonos, but, trust us, this Greek island is worth a...
21-04-2017 16:07

This is the Slovenian food and drink you have to try, accord

What kind of wine, beer and spirits should you have with your Carniolan sausage and potica" We have the answers. The post This is the Slovenian food a...
20-04-2017 16:08

Your ultimate Hawaii island-by-island travel guide

We sat down with Intrepid leader, Chadwick, to get the low down on the real Hawaii. The islands and jungles beyond the airport lei-overs (sorry not s...
19-04-2017 16:07

6 reasons Jordan is the perfect family holiday destination

Part history lesson, part unforgettable adventure; a family holiday to this Middle Eastern oasis is an experience your kids will be telling their gra...
19-04-2017 16:07

Wine not" Why Bulgaria is the new Bordeaux

Many times during the visit, we heard winemakers refer to the famed regions of Bordeaux and Tuscany with longing and hope for the future; yet as trave...
19-04-2017 16:07

9 things I wish I?d known before visiting Death Valley

1. Death Valley is big It?s obvious if you look at a map, but I didn?t really grasp just how big Death Valley was until I got there. For example,… T...
18-04-2017 16:08

Little-known secrets of the Amalfi Coast

Ridiculously stunning coastline" Check. Picturesque towns" Also present. Fresh, handmade pasta and creamy gelato" Si, naturalmente. If you?re in searc...
18-04-2017 16:08

The ultimate marriage test: Newlyweds tackle Mt. Kilimanjaro

On the fourth day of our climb it was plainly in sight, so close we felt like we could reach out and touch it?the exhaustion, the aches, pains, nightt...
18-04-2017 16:08

7 reasons you should go island hopping in the Galapagos

Located over 500 miles from the Ecuadorian mainland there’s a bunch of isolated volcanic islands home to biodiversity that’s unlike anywhere else ...
14-04-2017 16:09

Why Granada is Central America’s must-visit city

Quite possibly the most laid-back and accessible city in Central America, Granada is fully imbued with color and culture. The post Why Granada is Cent...
14-04-2017 16:09

Cambodia in one week: The ultimate guide

Even though it\'s a small country, Cambodia\'s history is rich and its sites unique. Here\'s how to see the best of it in just 7 days. The post Cambod...
13-04-2017 16:09

Inside India?s most romantic city, the ‘Venice of the

Udaipur is a lakeside paradise of shimmering marble, oozing romance and a European feel you just can?t find anywhere else in India. The post Inside In...
13-04-2017 16:09

Prague in 48 hours: plan your visit

Some cities are so ornamental, so historic and beautiful, that it?s hard to look beyond their histories to the modern hive of activity humming behind ...
12-04-2017 16:15

Why I quit my job as Intrepid’s Social Media Manager

I have the best job in the world. I spend my days talking about travel to some of the world?s kindest travellers; I drown in beautiful images, beautif...
12-04-2017 16:15

How we celebrate: Easter traditions around the world

Not every Easter Sunday involves an egg hunt. The post How we celebrate: Easter traditions around the world appeared first on Intrepid Travel Blog....
12-04-2017 16:15

The best travel destinations for the Canadian dollar

Yes, a weak exchange rate hurts, but that doesn?t mean you\'re going to stay home and be content with watching the Travel Channel. Here are 7 destinat...
12-04-2017 16:15

The beauty of discovering Myanmar by bike

Myanmar by bike was pure magic. The undulating hills made for excellent cycling, and the entire trip was one unique experience after another. The post...
11-04-2017 16:17

Here?s what to do if an airline bumps you – and how to

United Airlines is in the doghouse after a passenger was filmed being dragged by police from one of their aeroplanes at Chicago?s O?Hare Airport. Unit...
11-04-2017 16:17

Guide to south Morocco: Essaouira, Taghazout and Taroudant

South Morocco and northern Morocco can feel like different countries sometimes. Replacing the fertile green valleys and forested mountains famous in t...
11-04-2017 16:17

How is Intrepid helping victims of the war in Syria" Me

The war in Syria has taken yet another deadly twist in the past week. As the humanitarian crisis worsens still further, it?s an appropriate moment to ...
11-04-2017 16:17

Indonesia: 4 surprising experiences that aren’t in Bal

A holiday to Indonesia doesn\'t have to mean Bintangs and sunburn. The post Indonesia: 4 surprising experiences that aren’t in Bali – and one tha...
11-04-2017 16:17

Inside Tokyo’s weird and wonderful themed cafes

We?ve explored the length and breadth of Tokyo to find the very best themed cafes that this bustling metropolis has to offer. Here are our top 5. The ...
10-04-2017 16:07

The 5 best countries in Asia for solo travelers

Ah, Asia. A continent so diverse, so beautiful, and so packed with chaos and charm that it truly does provide something for everyone. Solo travelers i...
09-04-2017 16:08

The best travel destinations for the US dollar

To help you plan your next trip, we\'ve picked 7 destinations where the US dollar will go a long way. Time to stop making excuses and start ticking of...
07-04-2017 16:07

Why the best travels of my life started after 50

Now that I?m older, life is short, so short, and so precious, and each moment is to be savored. Because of this I see and feel things differently. The...
06-04-2017 16:07

6 hot springs in Iceland much better than the Blue Lagoon

When you think of hot springs in Iceland, you think the Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, so does everybody else.  If you want to avoid the huge crowds and ...
06-04-2017 16:07

Discovering Huacachina, the surreal desert oasis in Peru

I\'d made it to Huacachina, the only desert oasis in South America, and I was about to test my skills at sandboarding for the first (and maybe last) t...
05-04-2017 16:08

What to expect on an overnight train in Vietnam

Station attendants march up and down the platform, blowing whistles to alert us to the impending arrival of the 5pm train to Hanoi. Fifteen hours of r...
05-04-2017 16:08

Why there’s never been a better time to visit Victoria

In our humble opinion, there\'s never been a better time to visit the Southern African gem of Victoria Falls. Here\'s why you should take a trip there...
04-04-2017 16:07

Cape Town: two cities, one mountain

Stunningly beautiful, cosmopolitan and vibrant, Cape Town seems to have it all. But against the backdrop of the city\'s towering Table Mountain, there...
04-04-2017 16:07

6 must-try dishes in Madrid

From tasty tapas to superb seafood, Spain?s beloved capital city is packed with flavor and character. Here are 6 delicious foods to try when there. Th...
04-04-2017 16:07

6 cities in Italy to visit before everyone else does

Beyond the sights of Rome and Venice, we recommend visiting these 6 underrated Italian cities to give you a sense of what the country and culture is t...
02-04-2017 16:06

Meet the funeral director who quit her job to travel the wor

"No one is going to stand up at your funeral and talk about how awesome it was that you had 97 pairs of designer shoes and a refrigerator with wifi. E...
02-04-2017 16:06

What happens when you get blissfully lost in Trinidad, Cuba

The best way to have a real adventure is to rid yourself of expectations and figure it out for yourself. That?s what I did in the perfectly-preserved ...
01-04-2017 16:07

Where to go for the best cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

Cherry blossom season is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit Tokyo. Here are the city?s top viewing spots based on the kind of experience they ...
31-03-2017 16:06

The magic of Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue city

When it comes to Chefchaouen, it\'s no exaggeration to say that every street and alleyway is majestic. The charm of Morocco\'s blue city knows no boun...
30-03-2017 16:06

Exploring Ogliastra, Italy’s best-kept secret

A Google search for ?best European beaches? is what sparked my interest in the Italian island of Sardinia. But seeing these beaches in real life was s...
29-03-2017 16:06

Eastern Europe in one week: The ultimate guide

The prices are cheaper, the culture is just as rich, and the people just as friendly...Why wouldn\'t you go to Eastern Europe" Here\'s how to do it in...
29-03-2017 16:06

Copenhagen cool: How to fit in with the locals in Denmark

Any savvy traveler will attest to the fact that integrating with the locals is the best way to immerse yourself in a new destination. When exploring C...
28-03-2017 16:08

Why Northern Iceland is the next big thing

For those willing to venture more than just a couple of hours from Reykjavik, the rewards are more than you could possibly imagine. Northern Iceland i...
28-03-2017 16:08

6 surreal landscapes to explore in China

Let us take you on a journey through the weird and wonderful landscapes that China ? the fourth largest country in the world, and surely one of the mo...
26-03-2017 16:06

Vietnam’s coffee culture: What to know and where to go

There?s one thing above all that stands out as synonymous with Vietnam, and that?s the burgeoning coffee culture that has taken hold. The post Vietnam...
25-03-2017 16:08

What hiking to Machu Picchu as a solo traveler is really lik

When you first look up at all you have to achieve it can feel way too intimidating, but just take it one step at a time. Once you?re up, turning aroun...
25-03-2017 16:08

How a local group is fighting poverty in Kenya, one pig at a

It?s our first day in Nairobi, and we?re on our way to market to buy some fat pigs. Except this time, we won?t be going home again and doing a jig. T...
24-03-2017 16:07

Revealed: The healthiest countries around the world

Bloomberg just released its Global Health Index for 2017 and Italy tops the rankings, followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia. The p...
24-03-2017 16:07

Ecuador: So much more than just the Galapagos

Ecuador, small as it is, is actually packed with unique things to do and see. And we\'re not talking about the Galapagos, we\'re talking mainland sple...
23-03-2017 16:07

Italy in one week: The ultimate guide

To help every traveler maximize their time in Italy, we?ve curated a 7-day itinerary filled with all the attractions, history, food and wine around. T...
23-03-2017 16:07

8 places you didn’t know you need to see in Eastern Eu

Chances are when I say ‘Europe’, images of lazy strolls through Parisian streets armed with a fresh-baked croissant, sun-soaked days on Greek isla...
23-03-2017 16:07

It’s official: Kenya is banning plastic bags

The problems caused by plastic bags in Kenya can\'t be solved simply by banning them, but by long-term changing the behavior of travelers and locals a...
22-03-2017 16:07

Havana good time: Tips for solo female travelers in Cuba

I love the autonomy of traveling on my own, feeling free to make plans (and friends) at leisure. Thankfully, Cuba is perfect for solo travelers. Here\...
22-03-2017 16:07

The 6 rules of responsible travel

Responsible Travel isn\'t hard. Most of it comes down to common sense, simply respecting different cultures and travelling equipped with a head full ...
21-03-2017 16:08

Miyajima Island: A picture-perfect day trip in Japan

Pity the man who missed out on Miyajima while they were in Japan. It?s not a saying, but it should be. No visit to the country can really be complete ...
21-03-2017 16:08

Africa through the lens with photographer Ben McRae

Yep, this year we\'re launching a one-of-a-kind expedition into the wilds of Africa with legendary photographer Ben McRae. Want to come" The post Afri...
21-03-2017 16:08

The hottest destinations in Europe for summer 2017

Europe in the summer is like nowhere else: lively, cultured, and beautiful. So, go add these trending destinations to your 2017 bucket list. The post ...
21-03-2017 16:08

Essaouira: The Moroccan city that should be on your radar

It\'s a calmly chaotic, authentically artsy whirlwind of a place. You simply shouldn\'t miss out on Essaouira if traveling to Morocco. The post Essaou...
20-03-2017 16:07

Quito, Ecuador: South America’s lesser-known capital o

For most travelers, Quito is simply a stopover on their way to the Galapagos. But Ecuador\'s capital has tons going for it - so much so you need this ...
18-03-2017 16:07

How to get off the beaten track in Santorini

When you think of Greece, it\'s likely your mind jumps straight to stunning Santorini. But because it\'s (sadly) no hidden gem, you\'ll have to be in ...
18-03-2017 16:07

Meet the American couple who road-tripped for 10 years nonst

Introducing journalist Karen Catchpole and photographer Eric Mohl, a couple whose road trip is the definition of epic. It\'s been a decade, and they\'...
18-03-2017 16:07

North India in one week: Your ultimate guide

You have to start somewhere, and while you can?t cram all of India into seven days like an overflowing suitcase, you can still work a whirlwind of unf...
17-03-2017 16:07

This is what it looks like to eat your way through Ireland

To most outsiders, an Irish meal is like a Venn Diagram made up entirely of Corned Beef, Guinness and Potatoes. But as anyone who\'s visited will tell...
17-03-2017 16:07

6 spots to catch sunset in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts some stunning settings from which to watch the sun rise and set. From Halong Bay to Mui Ne, let us take you through some of the best. T...
17-03-2017 16:07

We rank the 7 best breakfasts in Paris

If you?re after something a little more nourishing than a croissant (or simply something that doesn\'t make your skinny jeans tremble in fear) we?ve e...
16-03-2017 16:08

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