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Cruising from Durban to Pomene.

With over 2000 passengers waiting to board the MSC Sinfonia you would think the embarkation at Durban port would be a tedious, ...
18-06-2018 16:07

5 Fairytale Destinations to Visit in Europe

While there are many places to see in Europe whose grandeur will inspire feelings of awe, if pure magic is what you?re looking for, then check out fiv ...
18-06-2018 16:07

Water Fun in the Florida Keys - Travel Channel

Dip your toes in the water of the Florida Keys! From snorkeling in Big Pine Key to kayaking in Islamorada, here are three fun activities to try. Find ...
18-06-2018 16:07

5 Surprising Reasons why you Should Visit the Small Town of

If Kansas is the state that you drive through on the way from point A to point B, it is time to hop off of Interstate 70 and explore. I admit, I drove ...
18-06-2018 16:06

Just back from: Nepal

Angela hiking through the stunning Himalayas © Angela Tinson Angela Tinson, Associate Product Director in Lonely Planet?s Dublin office, recentl ...
18-06-2018 16:06

Lady’s Guide to a Lovely Walk in South Kensington

One of the best things about blogging is hearing that I’ve inspired people to get out and do the things I’ve written about. And nothing has inspir ...
18-06-2018 16:06

How to sound like a local in India: Your guide to Delhi slan

What?s one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new culture" Study up on the local lingo so that you go in with a couple of slang words up your s ...
18-06-2018 16:06

The interesting story of Greenland and Iceland and its hidde

While many of us have heard the names Greenland and Iceland, something both places have in common is they are almost entirely unknown to the general p ...
18-06-2018 16:05

Sipping and Surfing" Colchagua to Pichilemu

Two hours south of Santiago, as I leave the freeway, trucks with bins of grapes slow the traffic on the westbound two-lane road toward the town of San ...
18-06-2018 16:05

Seabourn Sojourn in Alaska - Part I (Getting There)

My Alaska cruise on the Seabourn Sojourn will be my third trip visiting the Inside Passage.  I previously sailed on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner in ...
18-06-2018 16:05

Weekend With Friends

We spent Thursday through Father\'s day at Farragut State Park with our friends Raina & Dean and Bridget & Dennis. Buttonhook Bay, Lake Pend OreilleL ...
18-06-2018 16:04

Central Vietnam (2018): My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains &

Hoi An is indeed one enchanting ancient town and we really enjoyed visiting it. As much as we don\'t feel like want to leave this town, we had too as ...
18-06-2018 16:04

The top 10 destinations for travel in September 2018

Whether you?ve always wanted to sink your teeth into a juicy souvlaki in Cyprus, spot black and white rhinos in Zimbabwe or stroll along a section of ...
17-06-2018 16:06

Miljacka River Bank and the Sarajevo Assassination

The Miljacka River flows through the capital, dividing Sarajevo into 2 parts, the southern side and the northern side.The Seher-Cehaja Bridge near Vij ...
17-06-2018 16:05

Myanmar: Photo Essay Part 3

The Road to MandalayWe arrived in Mandalay by plane, but it was a long highway from the airport before seeing the ?Welcome to Mandalay? sign. The driv ...
17-06-2018 16:04

I came to Cuba for the cars and cigars, but it’s the p

I imagined riding in the back of a classic car and salsa dancing in the streets of Havana. These things did happen, but I was pleased to discover that ...
16-06-2018 16:06

Best Carry-on: Frequent Travelers Share Advice

As a frequent traveler, you want a carry-on bag that works as hard as you do. You don?t have time for disruptions, and you need your bag to keep up wi ...
16-06-2018 16:06

Your Unofficial Guide to Iceland in July

You know the feeling. Spring is in full force and you can see summer right around the corner. You?re getting restless and those itchy feet just can\'t ...
16-06-2018 16:05

Photos of the Sarajevo City Hall and City Library aka Vijecn

This is perhaps the piece of architecture and national monument that truly stands out in Sarajevo.The beautiful building was built during the Austro-H ...
16-06-2018 16:05

Walk, Jog or Bike Around Djurgård Canal

Canal with pathways on either side.Did you know that 95% of the population of Stockholm live within 300 meters of a green area (park, forest, etc.)" M ...
16-06-2018 16:04

Pack Like a Pro With One Bag - One Bag and You're Out - Trav

Don\'t be that person who holds up the airport security line by rifling through an unorganized bag. Upgrade your luggage and pack like a pro with thes ...
15-06-2018 16:08

48-hour fling in… Barcelona

Amazing galleries, mind-bending architecture, foodie havens, some of the best nightlife and music festivals in the world… and a beach" There­­­?s g ...
15-06-2018 16:07

Wandering the Winterless North: a day in New Zealand’s

Calling the Bay of Islands the ?Winterless North? is a big statement, but this stunning, summery and historic destination is one of the highlights of ...
15-06-2018 16:07

Beyond hiking: What you should see, eat and drink in Cinque

After exploring the area on my Highlights of Italy tour, I left with memories of one of the most fulfilling 48-hours full of food, sunshine and challe ...
15-06-2018 16:07

2018 World Cup: Smite the World, Iceland!

Comb your beards, grab your Viking horns, and put on the war paint because the thunderclap is back! The World Cup is nearly here and so too is the tou ...
15-06-2018 16:05

Silversea Cruises & Royal Caribbean - Synergies Both Financi

It was announced today that Royal Caribbean Cruises will acquire 66% of Silversea Cruises, bringing both something each needed.  I think it is going ...
15-06-2018 16:05

Central Vietnam (2018): What I Ate In Hoi An

My previous post on How To Get From Da Nang Airport To Hoi An Old Town.#nonhalalpostNow, let me share with you of what I had when I was in Hoi An for ...
15-06-2018 16:05

How to stop sucking at budgeting so you can travel more ? pa

Your lack of budget is giving me anxiety. Help me help you. The post How to stop sucking at budgeting so you can travel more – part 1 appeared f ...
14-06-2018 16:09

Northern California Packing Guide for Women

Whether you\'re headed to Napa for the wine, Tahoe for the snow, Yosemite for the hiking or Santa Cruz for the ocean, there\'s a handful of essentials ...
14-06-2018 16:09

DIY No-Sew Scarf With a Hidden Pocket - Travel Channel

Say hello to your new favorite travel accessory! Learn how to add a secret pocket to a scarf, perfect for storing your passport, cash and other valuab ...
14-06-2018 16:08

Things to do in Isle of Man: 3 Adventures You Have to Try

Off the west coast of England, nestled halfway between the shores of Cumbria and Northern Ireland, the cliffs, beaches and seaside towns of the Isle o ...
14-06-2018 16:08

Getting a Taste of Music History in Nashville

New Orleans is the home of jazz music; Detroit the home of Motown. Memphis gave us Elvis, Seattle gave us grunge, and the Bronx gave... The post Getti ...
14-06-2018 16:08

48 Hours in Taipei

Written by James Wong Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a colorful mess of mazes and packed markets, hipster hangouts, thermal valleys and towering ma ...
14-06-2018 16:08

7 Must-See Cultural Gems in Taipei

With more than 15,000 temples across the country, you could spend a whole year visiting each one. But to make the most of your vacation time (so you s ...
14-06-2018 16:08

7 Foods You NEED to Try at Taiwan’s Night Markets

We love a good food market, heck, we love food, period. So wandering the streets of Taipei had our noses tingling and our bellies grumbling (that was ...
14-06-2018 16:08

Lady Reveals the Prettiest Mews Streets in London

I’m going to start by saying that I’m really excited to write this blog post. I love exploring London, and its side streets are my favorite places ...
14-06-2018 16:08

Exhuming the Past at Unstan Cairn

The Orkney Islands are home to some of the oldest and best-preserved ancient monuments in all of Europe. I\'m talking about standing stones, villages, ...
14-06-2018 16:08

6 ways you can be plastic free when you travel

As a responsible travel company, we\'re passionate about helping people reduce their plastic use when travelling, and at home. Here\'s how to reduce y ...
14-06-2018 16:08

A bite-sized history of Machu Picchu

There are a few theories as to how Machu Picchu was built by the Incas. Here\'s a bite-sized history of the ancient ruins. The post A bite-sized hist ...
14-06-2018 16:08

Meet Naa, the Intrepid leader in Thailand who is sure to ins

?I told my husband that the world is changing,? Naa explains over Skype. ?In the past, women were behind men. But I said to him ?we can step together? ...
14-06-2018 16:08

6 markets in the world that everyone should experience

If you?re looking for the perfect souvenir or a taste of local culture (not to mention local street eats), the hustle and bustle of the local market m ...
14-06-2018 16:08

Akureyri - Iceland's Capital of the North

Akureyri is Iceland\'s second largest city and is known as the capital of the north. There, the pace of the town, which has only 18,000 inhabitants, i ...
14-06-2018 16:06

Protecting Iceland's Puffins

Puffins have become a symbol of Iceland. These adorable little creatures return to the island every summer to socialize, mate and nest. Their homes on ...
14-06-2018 16:06

The "Sebijl" and Vintage Trams in Sarajevo

Souvenir shot of the Sebijl.The Sebijl (fountain) in Sarajevo.Sarajevo is not for everyone, that I know for sure. It is exotic, different, and a bit o ...
14-06-2018 16:06

Mosebacke Torg & Söders Höjder

I was out this Sunday with family and friends for brunch at the restaurant Mosebacke Etablissement. It is located in a quaint historic neighborhood, j ...
14-06-2018 16:05


Several weeks ago we had the pleasure of having a visit from our two good friends from Canada, Jacquie and Grant. Before they arrived, Linda and I cle ...
14-06-2018 16:05

Linda's Quail

For the past 10 days or so, Linda has been nesting. Actually, Linda has been doing everything she can to draw quail to our backyard. She loves to ...
14-06-2018 16:05

Adventures in the Wolkberg Wilderness, Limpopo.

Summer depression! Yes, you know what I?m talking about. That feeling you get when you sit down at your desk on the first day back at work after an in ...
12-06-2018 16:12

What it’s like hiking the Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu

Although I love words so much I literally write for a living, I\'ve got to tell you something: words. just. don\'t. do. it. justice. The post What itâ ...
12-06-2018 16:10

Solo Female Travel in Lebanon: Is it Safe"

I just got back from my first trip to Lebanon, and I traveled solo. I had a great time! As a woman who writes about solo female travel for a living, I ...
12-06-2018 16:10

What does the Iceandic flag symbolize"

Flags are a common element of our society. They?re so ubiquitous that we often don?t even stop to think about them. At school, you simply study them, ...
12-06-2018 16:09

A Strange Encounter in Montenegro

Have you ever had strange encounters during your travels" Encounters that make you go, WTF" I mean, seriously.Driving the coastal road of Montenegro i ...
12-06-2018 16:09

Myanmar: Photo Essay Part 2

In the Land of the LongyiBased on the number of gilded temples and Buddha images I saw from Yangon to Pindaya Caves, it was easy to discern the obvio ...
12-06-2018 16:08

10 Best Islands to Visit in West Sweden

The West Sweden archipelago is made up of over 8000 islands, each with their own unique offerings and charm. Here are ten of the best islands to visit ...
11-06-2018 16:08

What to Do at Union Station in Denver - Travel Channel

With bookstores, shops and plenty of restaurants, Union Station in Denver is more than just a train terminal. Check out our favorite things to do at t ...
11-06-2018 16:08

10 Things to do in Saguenay Quebec for Families that Love Ad

Just two hours north of Quebec City, the region known as Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean beckons adventurers of all ages. This is an area where French languag ...
11-06-2018 16:08

Pathfinders: video of the month, May 2018

Stroll through the souks in Marrakech © HUANG Zheng / Shutterstock Every month, we curate the best blog posts, Instagrams and videos from our Lo ...
11-06-2018 16:07

Lady’s Reader Survey – Win a J.Crew Bag and Came

Four years ago this month I ran my first reader survey on the A Lady in London blog, and today I’m excited to announce the fourth edition. This is y ...
11-06-2018 16:07

5 tips for solo travel in Nepal

Mountains and momos make Nepal the perfect destination for solo travel. But there are a few cultural norms to consider before you go. The post 5 tips ...
11-06-2018 16:07

We Stayed at the Conte in Perast, Montenegro

Montenegro was one of the countries I have covered in the Balkan road trip last year. Goodness, the trip felt like ages ago already! Time fly so fast ...
11-06-2018 16:06



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Our easy-to-follow guide for ethical animal t...

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Goldring Travel's 2016 Culinary & Cultural (Food & Wine) Cruise on the Seabourn Quest - Part VI (Oban, Greenock and Belfast - Seabourn Moments!)

Goldring Travel's 2016 Culinary & Cultural (F...

The Oban Distillery stands over downtown Oban, ScotlandThe Seabourn Quest arrived in the quiet town of Oban, Scotland to rainy skies, so after a few active days it was good to slow things down a bit.  After strolling through the seafront I headed... -
Cephallonia | Kefalonia (Greece): Breath-taking Antisamos Beach for the Second Time

Cephallonia | Kefalonia (Greece): Breath-taki...

For this particular day?s outing in Cephallonia Island (Kefalonia), Dutchman and I were eyeing on Poros, and spending a nice and lazy afternoon on the beach here, and perhaps finishing the day off with a lovely evening dinner in the village square... -
Goldring Travel's 2016 Culinary & Cultural (Food & Wine) Cruise on the Seabourn Quest - Part V (Kirkwall, Ullapool, Whiskey and the Kindness of a Stranger)

Goldring Travel's 2016 Culinary & Cultural (F...

The Seabourn Quest?s arrival into Kirkwall, Scotland, the largest town in Orkney; an archipelago of islands in the far north., marked one of the highlights of the 2016 Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural (Food & Wine) Cruise:  An exclusive tour and... -
Regent Seven Seas Explorer - Is It The Most Luxurious Cruise Ship Ever Built...Or Are Staterooms Being Sold As Suites"

Regent Seven Seas Explorer - Is It The Most L...

I know it may be shocking to some that I am actually writing an article on Regent Seven Seas, but here I am doing it.  Why"  Because its design raises a number of interesting questions that I have begun to ponder.  It also telegraphs that Regent... -
Game of Thrones, Interstellar,... Movies filmed in Iceland!

Game of Thrones, Interstellar,... Movies film...

Over the past decade, Iceland has become a popular destination, not only for tourists, but also for filmmakers, who come from all over the world to film here.Iceland is a haven for filmmakers, with its majestic waterfalls, imposing glaciers, lava... -
Antarctica and Patagonia: An Adventure on the Seabourn Quest - Part VI (Captain Larsen and Class, Crossing the Southern Polar Circle & Breaking Records)

Antarctica and Patagonia: An Adventure on the...

Captain Bjarne Larsen is the master of the Seabourn Quest for her Antarctic cruises.  He has been doing this since Seabourn started the program five years ago. Seabourn Quest Captain Bjarne LarsenOn this cruise something very special happened. ... -
Antarctica and Patagonia: An Adventure on the Seabourn Quest - Part V (Peterman Island)

Antarctica and Patagonia: An Adventure on the...

Our fourth day of our Antarctic Adventure on the Seabourn Quest brought us to Peterman Island.  It was, for me, my favorite to date...and it is a place that Seabourn had never visited before.Seabourn Quest at Peterman Island, AntarcticaPeterman... -
This nativity was adorned with the possessions of refugees

This nativity was adorned with the possession...

One of the reasons to travel is because it’s fun and relaxing and all around a great time. But another very important reason for seeing the world is because it brings travelers face to face with often-harsh realities. Case in point: the refugee... -
Windstar Cruises - Going "All Inclusive"  in Tahiti, Caribbean, Costa Rica & Panama -For a Limited Time

Windstar Cruises - Going "All Inclusive&...

Windstar Cruises has put together some very impressive packages to go along with its premium product with prices starting as low as $2,499 per person (double occupancy) + taxes.From today through September 18, 2015 if you book your Windstar cruise... -

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