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Why You Should Book the Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend Before They Leave the Fleet (With Goldring Travel...Of Course!)

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Why You Should Book the Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend Before They Leave the Fleet (With Goldring Travel...Of Course!) Why You Should Book the Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend Before They Leave the Fleet (With Goldring Travel...Of Course!)

Why You Should Book the Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend Before They Leave the Fleet (With Goldring Travel...Of Course!)

In just a few months the Seabourn Spirit and Seabourn Legend will be no more.  While the hardware will, like their older sister, the Seabourn Pride, will pass to Windstar Cruises, the essence of Seabourn will leave them forever.

But before I get to that, I want to address an issue that some people have obsessed over to the point of, let's just say, "concern".  When the Spirit and Legend leave the Seabourn fleet, the world will not come to an end, luxury cruising will continue to exist (and even get better) and many, if not most, of those guests who swore they would never sail on the larger Seabourn ships either love them even more than the smaller ships or are happily satisfied with the alternative.

Most of those few grumbling folks don't even know that Seabourn started out with even smaller ships...which now sail as SeaDream Yacht Club's SeaDream I and II...and that move allowed Seabourn to offer more:  Like spacious suites, marble bathrooms, alternative dining, multiple lounges and more.  The move from 100 to 208 didn't destroy Seabourn's luxury or elegance, it enhanced it and actually made Seabourn more popular and able to meet even more of the demands and desires of the increasing number of luxury cruise travelers.

A case in point is the recent Food & Wine Cruise on the Seabourn Sojourn.  Now while it cannot compare to the Goldring Travel Food & Wine Cruises (with such exclusive events as a private tour and tasting at Chat...
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Why You Should Book the Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend Before They Leave the Fleet (With Goldring Travel...Of Course!) Why You Should Book the Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend Before They Leave the Fleet (With Goldring Travel...Of Course!)


Source of news: Goldring Travel
Source of publication: 24-02-2015 18:31
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